Accountability at all lev…

Accountability at all levels makes a notion prosperous and safe

Don’t you think; laws are made in parliament & not at small gatherings of select people; in the name of reaching consensus?

People conclude that Cong is scared of debate & voting; in the event it introduces new draft instead of debate & voting on the “lok pal” draft approved by lok sabha?

Promise should be kept & lokpal as per sense of both houses be passed?

Sense of house wanted a strong lokpal; an option to adopt it as lokayukta so as to give; states freedom & not to disturb federal structure?

Manu snghivi; made a mess of sense of house to make the draft weak & leave an escape route to the corrupt; resulting in; many decent notes; & amendments?

Procedures made by british raj; and followed by our public-servants even today are made to protect the loot by British/our public-servants?

It makes no sense to get permission from; those who are accused/likely to be found guilty to enquiry & prosecute them?

It is the reason for over ten thousand cases pending (accepted by GoM) with CBI for over a decade; CVC; writing letter to PM to accord permission to enquire cases; with held by PMO? 4 yrs delay to start CBI enquiry “tarta truck” scandal; re-surfacing of bofos scam after 25 years; even SC to intervene; & rampant corruption amounting; nearly to 30%  of GDP year after year? Read: White Vs Black Economy

It gives every one a feeling that we are having stronger black economy than white economy; may be the reason why govt is not able to control inflation by monitory policies of RBI; and weakening rupee against dollar; even; when; America’s economy is in trouble? We will be glad; if some one can come with another explanation?

Raj sabha should debate & vote on all “lok pal amendments (similar/nearly similar as a group)” one at a time before going to next amendment?

It is difficult for MPs to remember; in the end; when amendment numbers are read at lightening speed; with out time to think; to vote? Many a times MPs accepted; wrong voting?

It is extremely important that Parliamentarians sit down and discuss the matter…it is not about friends or foes…it is their duty to pass Lokpal Bill?

 Dharma is same for all & it can’t be applied selectively?

We have the greatest respect for Parliament; that is why we are worried about the state of Parliament?
It appears; THAT ALL IS NOT WELL; when meetings after meetings take place to reach consensus again & again (no out come on women’s reservation bill even when majority wanted it); with smaller groups; instead of; having a debate on the amendments; & voting on them?

Raj sabha should spend sufficient time, (more than one day & not exceeding 3 days; as the bill addresses; stoppage; of 30% of GDP; amounting to lakhs of thousands of crs; year after year; going into wrong hands in the form of black money; RESULTING IN MAMMOTH DEBT BURDEN on the national economy), on such a burning issue of the nation with a sense of urgency?

GDP GROWTH IS OF NO SIGNIFICANCE; to common man; when MORE THAN GROWTH% IS GOING INTO BLACK ECONOMY; he is FACING THE BURNT OF RISING PRICES; MENACE OF CORRUPTION at high levels & low levels; to get his legitimate works done by public servants; who are paid by his contribution to national exchequer/natural recourses?

Nation is watching you? MPs should keep the promises made; or; force the people to agitate; & get their legitimate democratic right to punish the looters & recover the loot from them; to have a just and equitable society?

Strong lok pal bill along with associated bills; incorporating the principles of Jan lok pal is a necessity; as a deterrent to minimize the loot  and bring national economy on rails; to stop raising prices; create employment?

GDP growth makes no sense when people become poorer due to inflation and they have to depend on alms for food security?

We all want to be bread earners; but not beggars to depend on alms & subsidies proposed by food security bill which wants to cover 60% of population?

Read: Democracy; Judiciary; natural justice; people and media.

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.


2 Comments on “Accountability at all lev…”

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