Sense of justice


Don’t you think; we civilized need to improve our methods; handicapped due to corruption?

Some are dishonest & ready to serve the corrupt; in self interest; at the cost of disadvantaged?

A man living in sub-human conditions in jungles; struggling for day to day existence can be easily influenced by the corrupt? The solution lies in giving protection to the people who are involved in development work than to VIPs? Protecting means of survival; of the people living in jungles; & tribal villages should be the way; to win them to our side; form the corrupt naxal/ Maoist leaders?

Transparency; delivery of fast natural justice; not encroaching the legal rights of others; civilized behavior by our law enforcers is the right solution to eradicate the menace?

By eliminating the naxals/Maoists we may have a temporary relief but we can’t take out the bitter feelings from the posterity? We have to learn some lessons from history & on going; never ending; IsraeliPalestinian conflict?

Some thing is wrong in our logic; in allowing our politicians who are accused to roam around freely; contest and win elections; on the assumption; they are not guilty till they are convicted by courts (the cases can be dragged on for decades; thanks to our corrupt lawyers who are willing to serve the corrupt) & keeping the disadvantaged in jails for decades with out proper legal assistance?

Fast track courts are a solution?

The above are the reasons; helping; the naxal/maoist leaders in winning over the disadvantaged in believing them that they are their protectors; than our politicians & government?

All should appreciate S Krishna’s IAS; keen observations?

Public perception of the IAS is at an all-time low, thanks to various corruption scandals. There is enormous demand for reforms in the civil services – and rightly so – for one cannot run a 21st century economy with a 19th century bureaucracy administering 18th century laws often with a 14th century mindset.

Reading this may give a better solution to the problem:

Some of it may be a response to misgovernance , but a large part of it is a serious law and order problem (please spare few minutes & try to analyze the contribution form both sides).  Read:

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