Corruption free world; village that puts metros to shame!

Media 4th pillar of democracy can play a big role; in transforming the Nation by carrying this message to one & all.

Don’t U think; when funds meant for development; used properly;Indiacan transform itself? THEY SHOULD BE USED HONESTLY WITH OUT CORRUPTION; PLAYING; SPOIL-SPORT?

 All we need is eradicate corruption (nearing 15% GDP; few lakhs of thousands of crores; every year); bring back black money slashed away in black-money economy; foreign banks and put it to; planned development works?

 If you think; Punsari; a motley village; in Himmatnagar; is drenched in NRI funds, think again. Not a single rupee has come from across the seven seas, instead the village managed its funds over the last five years that it received from central and state sponsored developmental schemes. 


First step to achieve; dream development (a dream that can be realized as demonstrated by Punsari, a motley village in Himmatnagar); is a strong lokpal & other associated bills; with the sprit of Janlokpal?

UPAII; reeling; under corruption charges; wants to avoid it; with its dramas of consensus meetings? All it has to do is place it before Raja sabha; debate and vote (a necessity; arisen due to messing up the draft bill by Sjnghivi; resulting in many decent notes and amendments)? Joint session of both houses; agreed in principal & sense of both houses conveyed to Anna Hazare by PM; which resulted in breaking anticorruption fast by Anna?

Not voting in support of sense of both houses; will amount to breach of trust and our learned; honest MPs will avoid it; prove their commitment to fulfill their promises to Nation?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous & safe?

Ability to accept won faults & sincere efforts to over come; them; needs real courage?

50% of politicians lack this courage; & hope that people will forget; their misdeeds soon & they can; carry on with their business as usual?

50% of media; is bold enough; to highlight these misdeeds & follow them to logical conclusions?

You should take the help of friends and spread the message:

Greed & Corruption; LIKE DRUGS; GIVES A KINK IN THE BEGINNING; an addiction & forces one to steel/loot to keep the habit going?

All should pray GOD to give common sense to corrupt; to see the damage they are causing to self; posterity & nation?

Media will take the responsibility of taking the message to one and all?

4 Comments on “Corruption free world; VILLAGE THAT PUTS METROS TO SHAME!”

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