Don’t U think; petrol price hike is not justified? Why?


Don’t U think; petrol price hike is not justified?

Don’t you think; Cong is hiding; real facts; about the reasons for increasing the prices of Petrol, diesel, kerosene & LPG?

petrolium products are all milking cows for centre & states govts in the form of huge tax revenues; between 25-40% of consumer price?

Taxes; are impressive returns on a sale of 14 million tones of petrol & 63 million tones of diesel & other petroleum products? We should note that taxes are earned on all products; weather they are subsidized or not?

IOC alone contributed Rs. 77,622 crore to the state and central exchequer? By adding the contribution by other companies; it will be few impressive lakh crores?

The answer to why we are paying so much more & to WHOm; is; taxes?

The opposition & allies should not accept; 3rd rate citizen treatment to them? Get the hike in prices rolled back; & work for people; whole heartedly; to improve the chances of more % votes; and let congress learn a lesson “corruption doesn’t pay in long run”?

All parties should support the people; but not a lame duck government accused of endless scams and corruption?

Looking at some basic facts; you get a feeling that there has been some deliberate; attempt to shape public opinion?

In fact, fuel prices need not be as high as they are now?

The statement of Government saying that; they have no control on pricing is not true (Oil companies; Indian Oil, Bharat Petroleum and HindustanPetroleum said “we are keen to increase the prices of these products but they cannot go ahead unless the government allows them to do so”)? )?

 Chairman’s Address at Indian Oil’s 52nd AGM;( 2011-2012) Financial Performance says ”During the year, your Corporation’s sales turnover (inclusive of excise duty) touched an all time high of Rs. 3,28,744 crore while profit after tax touched Rs. 7,445 crore. The Earning Per Share for the year is Rs. 30.67. As you are aware, your Corporation has been consistently declaring dividend for the past 44 years and this year too, the Board of Directors have recommended a dividend of Rs. 9.50 per equity share of Rs. 10 each. So far, your Corporation has paid a cumulative dividend of Rs. 18,575 crore. This is excluding a dividend of Rs. 2,307 crore, payable for the year 2010-11, subject to approval by the shareholders. Your Corporation makes large contribution to the Exchequer in the form of duties and taxes and during the year, Rs. 77,622 crore was our contribution to the state and central exchequer” ?

Roll back is justified as Indian oil marketing companies (OMC) import around 112 million tones of crude annually via bilateral crude contracts with many countries? The average price of the Indian basket was USD 118 per barrel in April this year; lower than the USD 123.61 per barrel of March and almost equivalent to the USD 117.67 averages for the month of February? Incidentally, the April 2012 price was the same as that in April 2011? Crude oil prices are falling?

It only means rising fuel prices; is only to add; more to the government’s kitty? All we hear about the huge subsidies and the bleeding OMCs is not true; and; is only to justify; forced price hike on the people?

In view of the facts; all parties who are interested in the welfare of the people should; oppose price hike; together united; & Get the hike in price rolled back?

The agitations; should not be; to pacify the people and to continue with vote bank politics?

Congress wants to stroke the inflation to unbearable limits before 2014 elections to defend its logic of; food security bill to cover 60% of Indians? Showing relief from inflation just before elections improves its’ chances of; cong forming UPAIII government; & protect all; under investigation from corruption charges?

United we win & divided we lose?

You can fool all for some time; some for all the time; but not all for all the time?


Greed & Corruption; LIKE DRUGS; GIVES A KINK IN THE BEGINNING; an addiction & forces one to steel/loot to keep the habit going?

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