Why petrol hike should be rolled back fully?


Why petrol hike should be rolled back fully?


Don’t U think; Indian oil co; NP up by 224%; 12,670 cores; beats estimates? Read: http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/news-by-company/earnings/earnings-news/indian-oil-net-profit-up-224-at-rs-12670-crore-beats-estimates/articleshow/13597767.cms


And so does other oil companies? Oil companies should roll back; full increase of petrol price hike? They should ask the government to publish white paper about financial affairs of all oil companies before announcing any further price hike; in future? It is highly advisable?


People are suffering due to high inflation (due to wrong economic policies of the Govt.)  Read White Vs Black Economy & Ills of black economy? https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/white-vs-black-economy-ills-of-black-economy/ ); babus sitting in AC-rooms can’t exploit the people for their benefits; recklessly?


The issue should be settled in parliament by proper debate?


The decision was taken by oil companies and government had no role; is not a fact? Govt. can’t treat allies and opposition as 3rd rate people and drive them to streets to settle issues?


We can fool some for all the time; all for some time & not all for al the time & full roll back is advisable?




Media should take the responsibility to save democracy?


Greed & Corruption; LIKE DRUGS; GIVES A KINK IN THE BEGINNING; an addiction & forces one to steel/loot to keep the habit going?


All should pray GOD to give common sense to corrupt; to see the damage they are causing to self; posterity & nation?




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