Honest of CVC & CBI; may not succumb? Why doubt?

Honest of CVC & CBI; may not succumb? Why doubt?

01 Jun 2012  Govt hits back at BJP, points finger at Gadkari in coal blocks scam. Will it not amount to accepting; dumb government polocies?

V. Narayanasamy insisted that it was the NDA policy that the UPA regime followed on allocation of coal blocks. News article Readhttp://news.in.msn.com/exclusives/it/article.aspx?cp-documentid=250104164

Don’t you think; V. Narayanasamy’s statement confirms that; UPA govt. continued the faulty policy of NDA as there is scope for large scale corruption; in the economic liberalization scenario of UPA Govt.? That is the reason for; not to care; the advice of coal secretary to auction the coal blocks? Not taking any action on the advice and going ahead with faulty practices; itself amounts to criminal negligence of duty?

When majority voted for a particular party; haven’t they thought; they are voting for capable; intelligent people? After elections; all those capable people are influenced by a few; corrupt; who acquired wealth illegally? Why?

It is high time; that government; should realize; that its policies are dumb; had no capability to improve upon the faulty policies of previous NDA govt.?

Not caring for the advice and inability to logically analyze; the implications; of advice; are proof enough to show; bankruptcy of ideas; incapability & arrogance; of a few corrupt; politicians?

People gave mandate to congress; because they thought; cong is more capable than NDA and rectify defective policies of NDA; by logical analysis for the benefit of the nation?

It appears that; UPA got convinced; that the mandate is to loot the country through scams & corruption and get away by blaming the policies of NDA?

UPA II (all parties) should stop the logic of blaming; NDA for all scams? It can’t convince people of its; dumb policies of mishandling; valuable natural resources to fill the coffers of the corrupt; (natural resources like; coal; 2G spectrum etc.) and allowing corrupt to loot lakhs of thousands of crores?

Being dumb is not a crime but not heeding to advice; delaying the decisions to benefit the corrupt & arrogance are; indications of criminal negligence of duty?

People of India; are getting; disturbed by the logic of all political parties; don’t talk of corruption by us because “so & so” are corrupt in your group? The argument is illogical & not acceptable?

There is nothing like FCFS policy; but only Preferential right of certain persons; in lieu of efforts put in the form of reconnaissance & prospecting with conditions attached & misinterpretation of this as FCFS policy is the cause of depriving many of valid licenses & root cause of formations of mining mafia gangs?  Transparency & proper licenses issued following laws of natural justice & level playing field to all; help correct the ills of mafia-operations? 

The said act ““ http://mines.gov.in/rdprpl.html” deals with requirements of reconnaissance permit, prospecting licence or mining lease in specified order; as the activities; can follow one after another; only in that specified order?

State government issuing the order with permission from Central government (involvement of both Central & state governments; & set time limit OF 4 months (subsequent amendments) to grant the permission; needs special attention); should be adhered?

The said act never considered FCFS policy; but talks of; Preferential right of certain persons; with conditions attached? Over rides the preference “when; State Government has invited applications by notification in the Official Gazette for grant of such permit, licence or lease, all the applications received during the period specified; in such notification and the applications which had been received prior to the publication of such notification in respect of the lands within such area and had not been disposed of, shall be deemed to have been received on the same day for the purposes of assigning priority? It also includes; all the applications received during the period as specified in such notification, which shall not be less than thirty days, shall be considered simultaneously as if all such applications have been received on the same day”? 

State government should satisfy itself that the permit holder or the licensee, as the case may be, had certain pre qualified pre-requisites? State Government may, for any special reasons to be recorded, grant a reconnaissance permit, prospecting licence or mining lease, as the case may be, to an applicant whose application was received later in preference to an application whose application was received earlier?

CBI; in the interest of its integrity; national interest & the purpose of preliminary investigation; should take above facts to confirm necessity of further investigation?

CBI is also having honest officers who value their duty to protect national interests? We should wish them best of all?

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Why Anna wants “SIT”? https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/why-team-anna-wants-sit-to-investigate-corrupt-ministers/

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous & safe?

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