Isn’t time for Govt & cong to practice what they preach or alternative front?

Isn’t time for Govt & cong to practice what they preach or alternative front?

Chorus raised in Congress against govt? Several others appealed to the government to wake up and take steps to redeem the situation before it was too late?

Don’t you think; Rajiv Gandhi realized the fact that; when people who spend money (centre & state governments) are not responsible for development; and are not accountable to show results; 85% of the funds are pilfered by the corrupt?

He realized that; proper utilization of funds will be possible; only when funds are given directly to the elected people (GRAM PANCHAYATS, MUNICIPALITIES; MUNICIPAL CORPORATIONS etc.,) who are accountable for development?  Then the beneficiaries can supervise the utilization of funds & make elected representatives accountable for results?

73rd & 74th Constitutional Amendments are passed way back in the year 1993? Their implementation; is a far cry; even in 2012?

It is mainly because; the elected governments of centre or states are interested in loosing the pie of 85% of the funds; collected from the people & allocated for development?

You are interested in knowing what will be the effect of using 100% of funds for development? You should READ a real story: Expected achievements by implementing 73rd & 74th amendments – Panchayati Raj Institutions; can compete with metros! ?

OnMay 28, 2012(Indiatoday); under attack from the opposition as well as ruling parties, the

‘”UPA II; F M; Pranab Mukherjee said “Central and state taxes together constitute almost 40 per cent of retail price of petrol. Once states cut taxes, the Centre might match the reduction through a cut in excise duty and with oil marketing companies almost sure to reduce petrol prices by nearly Rs.2 a litre in early June, retail prices could go down by Rs.4 to 5 a liter from the recent hike of Rs.7.50 to Rs.8 per liter”?

OnJune 05, 2012; at CWC meet; he said (New Indian Express) “nobody is happy at the increase of prices of petroleum products. I wrote letters to CMs; indicating how much revenue is collected by respective states and how much revenue is collected by the central government in the form of excise duty from that state.

Corruption and price rise were the key issues during the discussion at the CWC?

Kerala PCC president Ramesh Chennithala attacked the oil marketing companies for raising petrol prices; especially at a time when Kerala was witnessing an assembly byelection”?

The UPA II (not all allies are supporting policies of the govt) is more interested in 85% of pie; scam funds; winning elections by giving sops before elections? in reality; not in development & welfare of the people?

The center should practice what it preaches (reduce its tax share; what it is promising) and ask all states; including cash deficient states (due to interest burden on over draft) to reduce their tax-share?

Giving breakup of central; state total taxes; the reduction given by both; making them public will help transparent governance; and winning the confidence of people?

We can hope media 4th pillar of democracy can take up this responsibility?

Congress and its allies should stop; harassing (inflation; price hikes of petroleum products; corruption; loot of natural resources; messing up Air India & Indian air lines; unrealistic taxation policies; etc) people; for generating funds for unsustainable populist programs; like food security to 60% population by way of subsidies; just before elections to win votes to come back to power; at the cost of voters?

Jun 05 2012 from petrol hike to policy freeze, govt faced party’s heat?

Some members stressed the need to muster up political will to stand up to the Comptroller and Auditor General and to not allow him (exposing of; coal; 2G & other scams) to behave like a “loose canon”?

Chorus raised in Congress against govt? Several others appealed to the government to wake up and take steps to redeem the situation before it was too late?

Instead of enquiring and find ways to check; corruption; price rise; falling rupee value; wrong taxation policies; etc., Soniaji said “sabotage from within; factionalism (does she mean not every one is supporting corrupt practices whole heartedly); our own political games; senior leaders who work against the party’s interests for personal aggrandisement and ambition; Anna Hazare; Baba Ramdev; and other civil societies (conspirators working against interests of congress party; exposing the deficiencies of government policies; and make people agitate against corruption & black money) are cause of worry.

I have full faith in PM; FM & Congress workers. They can handle any challenge (able to woo gullible voters to enable congress to come back;to power) unless we do not break their morale (how?).”

CWC took solace in the fact that BJP’s plight was no better (no threat of an alternate govt for the time beeing)?

Rahul was not allowed to speak as he is supporting strong lokpal?

Congress with 125 years of history; too many lawyers to give wrong advice; isolation from people; coming to power many times during past 60 years; inability of opposition to force government to recover scam monies; Govts ability to protect; corrupt ministers from punishments by virtue of govt’s  hold on CBI & CVC; made it too arrogant?

Govt. is arm twisting opposition parties; not to bring no-confidence motion against it; with the threat of pending CBI cases against them? It is mobocracy can’t be called as democracy?

Only hope left; is the clean MPs; from all parties; who can come together; to form an alternative government and save democracy?

We are not lacking brave and patriotic MPs/parties who are interested in democracy?

the question is when are they coming together? We need not wait till 2014?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous & safe?

Read other articles by “sofjustice” to know why we should fight; corruption; black money; what Anna-ism is; Baba Ram dev wants & more about present state of affairs. Need of strong lokpal (with associated laws in the spirit of Jan lokpal) & independent CBI to save democratic institutions.

If we; together; can’t save democracy no one else can? 

Join Anna & Ram dev efforts and live like a proud (super power) Indian; else; live like a second rate citizen; who has to bribe (to get genuine works done) a public servant & in an unsafe environment.

Present laws are not adequate as they are not capable of dealing with crime; in a time bound manner (cases are pending for decades in courts); not armed with powers to recover the loss caused by the accused to the nation (not a single rupee of scam money; out of lakhs of crores; recovered from last 60 years) and the punishments are not deterrent enough to send the message “Corruption doesn’t pay”; hence; the need for Jan lokpal.

Greed & Corruption; LIKE DRUGS; GIVES A KINK IN THE BEGINNING; an addiction & forces one to steel/loot to keep the habit going?
All should pray GOD to give common sense to corrupt; to see the damage they are causing to self; posterity & nation?  

Search “ sofjustice ” in search engine? And get results of “ ”. articles on democracy –  corruption

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