Isn’t Medias’ turn to make people knowledgeable; to save democracy?


Isn’t Medias’ turn to make people knowledgeable; to save democracy?

(Article of 1000 words – please read; share with 3 of your friends and save democracy; in case you don’t like to live like a 2nd rate citizen in your own country)

Our media can play more active role by follow-on action (none by our dynamic media as on today) by highlighting the issues; that need action but getting buried under the din of new corruption news?

No purpose will be served by sensational news; when guilty are free to commit more crimes or cover-up the trails of their crime?

Active follow-on action by media will ensure quick punishment to the guilty and nourish true democracy?

Highlighting issues like; Why pending election cases are not getting disposed off speedily? Eg. Chidambaram; President of India and many others (no purpose will be served if the verdict comes; after they serve; a reasonable period of their term)? Delays of 10 years can be compressed to 7 days by using known methods? More

Why no cases are filed by law enforcement agencies after the drama of raids and arrests; with in the specified period?

Why political parties carry on bundhs as showoffs (recent joke by many parties about bundhs against price hike of diesel and cooking gas etc with out any outcome)? More; what parties stand for

Why CBI not used committee report on CWG as evidence to book the corrupt?

Why cases of VIPs take decades in courts? Courts are not able to break the nexus between the corrupt and the lawyers?

Why no inquiries initiated against corrupt; when media exposed the corrupt with reasonable evidence or SC raps the government (Robert Vadra; Salman khursid; ministers involved in coalgate; 2G; CWG etc. and a host of others)?

How  review petition are used to cover-up the corrupt( making Names of black-money holders public and right to reject election candidate are not decided yet and a host of similar pending case in SC)? Many more burning issues; should be actively followed-on by media (4th pillar of democracy) to justify its role in a democracy?

We should have a detailed case study to understand the issues? 

Can we call India as biggest democracy in the world; when 2009 case of manipulation of votes; Against Chidambaram; gets confirmed for trial after 3 years; and god alone knows; how long will it take for final verdict?

Don’t you think; courts finding 27 charges against HM; valid; & directing Chidambaram to stand trial is a serious matter?

There is no use of finding him guilty after major portion of his elected term is over (& it has all ready happened)?  It is against democratic principles to allow; any one; whose; election verdict is under cloud to hold portfolios like finance; Home etc? It will not speak well of ruling party& shows the bankruptcy of political talent (capable MPs) in the party?

In the event of Chidambaram getting disqualified; after he completes his elected term; will it not mean that; a minister who is not qualified was holding a post of FM & HM and it is against democratic principles? What will be the implications of the decisions taken by him; as; not-eligible minister?

It is a very sad state of affairs; that lawyers who are supposed to protect rule of law; use their knowledge to subvert the law?

A prudent government; in the absence of; finding suitable ministers; and wants some one be the minister; should have ; first tracked his case; and waited till he is cleared of the  charges?

We can’t afford rich/corrupt to tamper with democracy by manipulating the justice system; for parties/their benefits?

We can’t call a government which encourages such practices as democratically elected Government?

All political parties who believe in democracy & democratically elected majority rule; should demand immediate suspension of Chidambaram from his ministerial post (send; him on leave) and insist for fast track court to settle the issue say with in next 30 to 40 days (can be easily resolved by recounting votes polled)? Read: FAST TRACK COURTS’ compress 10 yrs to 7 days?

This will be a fair play to convince Indians; that; in fact UPAII is democratically elected majority government; believes in democracy; & not using CBI to arm twist (by threat of pursuing long  pending CBI cases) the party leaders; to sustain its majority?

The country is going though a very unfortunate period; it is forced to think; that it is having highly corrupt Government; now a government which is throwing all democratic principles to wind just to stay in power?

It will be a sad period for democracy if we can’t have a CREDIBLE alternative; for a government which is becoming unpopular day by day?

We are having; Shri Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission (PC); to make us believe that 5 lakhs; security access systems for 2 super-five-star toilets costing 30 lakhs is for public use; & they are in the interest of the nation (PC should be made accountable for all its plans & ensure results in time bound manner; to stop scams & work load on CBI? All the scams are due to no monitoring mechanism & accountability);  Inefficient & careless Food corporation of India (FCI) (thousands of tones of food grains are rotting or pilfered); raising inflation; falling rupee value; a government which follows reckless heavy-taxation policies; does not heed to the advice of EC for election reforms (read: );  force people to streets to protest against unpopular; decisions/corrupt acts of govt by not allowing healthy debate and voting in the houses of the parliament; inclined to take the help of paid media to bias public opinion; against; compulsions of coalition politics for all its shortcomings/misdeeds;  etc; is; very sad state of affairs for a vibrant democracy?

It is responsibility of media (believes in democracy & its responsibilities); 4th pillar of democracy; to make people and MPs; realize; that national welfare should be the ideology; and all MPs (irrespective of their party affiliations & ideologies as their welfare lies in the welfare of the nation) should come forward; pool their ideas (minimum common programme) & give an alternate coalition government to the nation?

Single party rule for major part of last 60 years after independence; is the cause of all the present ills; like; erosion of morals values in public life; scams; making money at any cost (corruption) ; dictatorial tendencies; stay in power by horse trading and or arm twisting (blackmailing) etc? Read: Parliament turns 60 – MPs urged to introspect: and the chapters on Manager of many things but an unavoidable bad master; Money its meaning and utility

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous & safe?

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