Coalgate scandal and PMO


Dear PM,

What U want our posterity to be? Free citizens of India or bonded laborers?

Don’t you think; congress wants to be bosses of all resources of India by investing looted dollars; in India through FDI route? Support Anna’s anti corruption movement.
Swami Vivekananda “Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished”
As Team Anna’s Arvind Kejriwal levels allegations of corruption against UPA ministers; we ask should these allegations be taken seriously or is it about them now creating a political space for themselves?
Time to look into facts? Kurshid said”all agencies are under govt control” ? Present government policies are to take care of ANTS (FDI) when ELEPHANTS are stolen ( mega loot of natural resources); decide your self? If the trend is allowed LOOTERS WILL BECOME OWNERS of India AND MAJORITY INDIANS THEIR SLAVES? 

Coalgate scandal and PMO

Mr. V Narayanasamy, Union minister of state in the PMO (Minister of Anything),

Don’t you think; proof of pudding lies in eating?

Content of letters should be followed; in letter & sprit; to make them valuable?  Vague terminology and or contents with no intention implied are waste of time? Letter sent by PM convening “sense of house – regarding lokpal bill discussed by both houses” and necessity of implementing 73rd and 74th constitution amendments; mean nothing until and unless they are visibly acted upon?

No responsibility was fixed on any one in PMOs office for delays of apprising; PM; about request for investigations (SC blamed PMO for delays of 2G scam while giving a clean chit to PM)? We can; safely assume; PMO is still in disarray; and a letter issued by it has to be authenticated by PM to be trust-worthy as people are yet to see the outcome of your claims in annexure? People are interested in results and not in promises? Work expands; to fill the time available; and any directions with out time limit will keep on expanding like our DA cases and others?

If there is a will there will be a way? Directions can be issued to various courts to complete the cases; say with in 30-45 days(fast tracking) and it is possible if courts are given the facilities; and proven methods are followed? To know how; you should read: FAST TRACK COURTS’ compress 10 yrs to 7days?

Terms of reference given to investigating team are important? You need to verify the terms of reference given by CVC to CBI before claiming; appropriate legally empowered teams are looking into them?

People are interested in action on pending approvals (126 out of 319) for investigation (AG accepted this fact in SC)) with PMO? CVC has written a letter to expedite the approvals?

People are waiting to see the progress of ten-thousand pending cases with CBI; recommended by GoM for speedy disposal?

Law & justice minister; Salman Khurshid; said that government is controlling everybody ? Your statement that; Agencies like CBI, ED, CAG and CBDT continue to function independently as per their mandates contradicts his statement? Kurshid being; law and justice minister; will you kindly check the validity of your statement with him?

SC raped government (AG & CBI) so many times for tardy investigation into corruption; and black money cases before taking on direct supervision of them itself? AG convinced government; that it is over reach; and it should go in for a review petition; instead of advising the government and CBI to improve their working methods?

It does not speak well of government lawyers to leave a public impression; that they are defending a criminal than arguing on behalf of government; may be the reason for SC; to rap them?

It is unfortunate; that GoM are unable to understand the importance of electoral reforms; and the urgency to stop criminal elements from contesting elections and winning them by money and muscle power as suggested by EC  Read: Quraishi writes to PM on expediting poll reforms. Apr 13, 2012

Govt. definition, for political consensus; meaning; “not possible now” as; all are not agreeing, is not acceptable?

In a democracy; majority agreement is important (women’s reservation bill not passed for lack of political consensus even when majority agreed)? Majority opinion should be obtained by debate & voting In parliament (DEMOCRACY); but not to agree at private parties and rush the bill though in parliament (MOBOCRACY)? The speeds at which the bills are passed were; at times; wrongly voted by confused members?

Lokpal got held up in Raj sabha; as it was passed by following the principals of mobocracy (no debate wasthereondecent notes attached & voting on them) in lok sabha? It is natural; you had so many amendments in Raj sabha? Congress could not get it passed as sufficient time was not allocated to follow democratic principles of debate and voting on amendments? People in general think it is because of cong and bungling by Dr Singhvi (he wanted the approval of parliamentary committee members by following the principals of mobocracy; so many decent letters; was an indication; that principals of democracy were thrown to wind by him)?

We are having a long way to go and fast; as unlimited time wanted by congress is simply not there?

People who are agitating on black money & strong lokpal bill are not against any party and they want the issues sorted out quickly in the interest of the common man? We are sure that even congress is not happy with present situation; but unfortunately it is giving an impression; that it is not interested in the issues; by virtue of its slow actions?

CAG is well with in his limits and just discharging his duties when preparing notes with out bias? Read: DUTIES AND POWERS OF THE COMPTROLLER AND AUDITOR-GENERAL

Taking the help of paid media; to bias the public opinion; in favor of corrupt may prove counter productive?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous & safe?

Greed & Corruption; LIKE DRUGS; GIVES A KINK IN THE BEGINNING; an addiction & forces one to steel/loot to keep the habit going?
All should pray GOD to give common sense to corrupt; to see the damage they are causing to self; posterity & nation?

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