President’s active role makes a democracy vibrant – who is our next Prez?

President’s active role makes a democracy vibrant – who is our next Prez?

Don’t you think; Pressurizing and blackmailing tactics are used by Nehru’s family to stay in power from day 1 and are continuing till date?

In the 1946 election for the Congress presidency; Patel stepped down in favor of Nehru at the request of Gandhi? The election’s importance stemmed from the fact that the elected President would lead freeIndia’s first Government? Gandhi asked all 16 states representatives and Congress to elect the right person and Sardar Patel’s name was proposed by 13 states representatives out of 16? The trouble was that no provincial committee had proposed Nehru’s name?

Under the threat of spliting congress party by Nehru (split of congress party meant no independence toIndia); Gandhi requested Patel to withdraw from the contest? Patel respected Gandhi’s request to not be the first prime minister (Patel was intensely loyal to Gandhi and both he and Nehru looked to him to arbitrate disputes); and Nehru became the 1st prime minister ofIndia?

Nehru wanted a rubberstamp president?

Nehru pressured Dr. Rajendra Prasad to decline a nomination to become the first President of India in 1950 in favour of Rajagopalachari; he thus angered the party? Party refused to accept the imposition of Nehru’s will and Dr. Rajendra Prasad became first president of India? Most probably this saved India from becoming a congress dynasty (continued lordship of a race of rulers)? Read:

Rest of the time ruling parties managed RUBBERSTAMP PRESIDENTS?

Now Cong wants a rubberstamp president to impose their will on democratic India to protect themselves form rigors of corruption and scam consequences (2G spectrum scam;Adarsh scam; NTRO Scam; Commonwealth Games Scam; Coalgate scam etc; amounting to many times of GDP of India are under active investigation)?

A rubberstamp president; enables the party to; usurp (To seize, and hold in possession, by force, or without right); presidential powers (both executive and financial) and enable the party in power;  to rule India as per their; whims and fancies; thus subverting constitution to serve parties interest by throwing checks and balance; envisaged by constitution; to wind?

President of Indiacan play his/her role as the Head of the Nation independently?
In fact, the role of the President ofIndia is having real independent and exclusive power to control the activities of the Parliament ofIndia and the ruling government ofIndia at the centre and the state governments?

The President is responsible and empowered to appoint:

1)     Governors of States

2)     The Chief Justice, other judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts ofIndia.

3)     The Attorney General

4)     The Comptroller and Auditor General

5)     The Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners

6)     The Chairman and other Members of the Union Public Service Commission

7)     Ambassadors and High Commissioners to other countries.

The President will receive the credentials of Ambassadors and High Commissioners from other countries.
The President is the Commander in Chief and the Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed Forces.

No criminal proceedings can be initiated against the President of India during his/her term in office.
And the President ofIndia is not answerable for the exercise of his/her duties (misuse of this power can help the corrupt to a large extent – imposition of emergency is a glaring example) Read:

Financial Powers of the President of India:
All money bills originate in Parliament upon the recommendations of the President of India (they should be from FC but not from PC as it is the practiced now).
The President will cause the Annual Budget and supplementary Budgets before Parliament.
And no money bill can be introduced in Parliament without the assent of the President of India.

Finance Commission

The President of India will appoint a ‘Finance Commission once in every five years.

It is alleged that Planning Commission (India) (PC) which is neither a constitutional nor a statutory body has usurped the role of Finance Commission (FC). PC has restricted FC’s role to mere recommend grants to states on revenue account only under article 275 of Indian constitution. Please read:

All parties/MPs; media and NRIs; loving India; and want it to be a vibrant democracy should prevent congress form becoming a perpetual dynastic rule?

Cong amassed mind-boggling financial strength through scams ((it sees any one who is against corruption and black money as enemies of India (implies enemies of congress as it thinks Nehru family is India and all others are 2nd rate (common people) or 3rd rate (public servants) citizens to serve it))? It wants to strengthen its financial mussel through the route of 100% FDI (slashed away dollars in Swiss and other tax-haven country; banks and enslave Indians by the lure of food security to 60% Indian population? 

You cant give any other logical reason why; Nehru family & its ministers are; against; strong lokpal bill; Independent CBI; CVC; (due to dependence of CBI & CVC on govt; all involved in scams; DA cases are free on bail and we can be sure that the cases; get prolonged till they die or they manage light punishment and retain the loot with them)?

Not a rupee of scam money is recovered/or efforts are made to recover from last 60 years? shackling the independence of CAG of India (exposing scams); refusing investigation by “SIT” into Coalgate scandal; with a plea that it is only based on draft & newspaper reports is a lame and illogical excuse?

All scandals are exposed or will be exposed by leaks/newspaper reports only? We can’t expect the people (with expert advice from corrupt lawyers) to be dumb enough to leave proofs against them? Only through & independent enquiry; we can; expose them with all their hues and colors?  

All political parties; should be made knowledgeable by media and enable them to save democracy?

Usurped powers (executive & financial) from President (Rubber stamp) of India; control over CBI & CVC; following the procedures (laid by British Raj; to loot India) of taking the permission from the people who can be influenced by the corrupt? To investigate corruption cases & to prevent the corrupt from escaping; punishment; need fast track courts and laws to send the message “CORRUPTION DOESN’T PAY”? 

Recovery of black money; showing concern about corruption & wanting strong fast track laws; independent investigating agencies; to punish the corrupt is the responsibility of respectable public servants duties? In the absence of them; it is the responsibility of every citizen to demand them?

Branding the citizens; & opposition parties agitating for just laws and actions as antinational (meaning against congress); by central ministers/spoke-persons; only indicate the involvement and depth of scare of punishment by the individuals; further justifies the cause of agitations to expose anti-nationals?  

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous & safe?

Media; 4th pillar of democracy will shoulder the responsibility and help restore democratic principles and allow all constitutional bodies to function independently and justify their role?

Read: Coalgate scandal/scam and PMO

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