Follow on; Electoral reforms; Open letter to EC


Follow on; Electoral reforms; Open letter to EC

Right to reject; Poll reforms-Quraishi; Paid News; Bribery of voters: How corruption in Indian is undermining democracy

Open letter to EC, Sri.V S Sampath,

Dear Sir,

Don’t you think; Indians are looking at you as savior of democracy? Hoping that you will take care of speedy implementation of electoral reforms initiated (given below) by; Sri. SY Quraishi; at least some of them; with in next 90 days (work expands so as to fill the time available)? We should first standup & take first step towardsHimalayasto climb them?

Successive ECs; have contributed to reforms and we Indians are waiting for your contribution eagerly?

EC is not helpless & can take steps to cleanse our political system of tainted/corrupt people?

EC has used right to reject – Jharkhand Rajya Sabha polls? Now you should ensure the same right to people ofIndiaby pursuing the pending case (since 2004) in SC?

Write a letter to PM; to establish fast track courts; to hear criminal caseS; in a time bound manner; against our politicians & clear them of charges in case; they are found not guilty; or punish them; as per law; if they are guilty with in; say 6 months? Regular courts can also fast-track the cases by following proven methods Read: ‘FAST TRACK COURTS’ compress 10 yrs to 7 days?

It will help EC in not permitting the guilty; from contesting the elections?

It will help the dignified and clean politicians in getting them cleared off; from mud slinging from opposition?

They can spend more time on positive aspects of development during election campaigns than on finding faults of the opponents?

Saves time of our MLAs & MPs spent in assemblies or parliament; wasted on; demands of resignations; allegations; counter allegations & dharans against; corruption charges etc?

Our elected representatives can attend to serious business of governance deliberate on developmental; welfare; grievances of people who elected them; and justify the money people are spending on them?

You can find ways and means; and see that your good office is used to ensure; democracy & its elected representatives work in true spirit and help India; become an exemplary democracy?

Work expands to fill the time available; and as there is no time limit set for criminal cases; they are consuming time with out any limit?

It is painful to talk about, criminal acts of our elected representatives; which couldn’t be concluded when they are alive, after their death with proofs? No self-respecting individual like it and more so our politicians?

If there is a will there will be a way?

EC can play a role is stopping such asadstateof affairs recurring again & again; By fast-tracking; courts?

EC is for upholding democratic principles and you will do everything necessary to defend democracy? Jan 27, 2012Time for right to reject candidates:

Only a rule has to be framed by the central government to include a rejection button.” Sachar approached the Supreme Court on right to rejection in 2004; after he found that the Election Commission ofIndiahad been writing; to central governments since 2001; to frame the rules in this regard. Sachar’s petition was heard after five years in 2009 but was referred to a larger bench and pending with SC

Apr 13, 2012 Quraishi writes to PM on expediting poll reforms: Quraishi; the CEC also questioned the political will of successive governments in bringing the electoral reforms early and thought it appropriate to write to the PM for his intervention in this matter. Read:  

Jun 10, 2012Make paid news cognizable offence Read:

Mar 22, 2012, 04. Make bribery of voters cognizable offence Read:

Corruption in the Indian media undermines democracy?

Paid News: Sections of the media inIndiahave willy-nilly become participants and players in practices that contribute to the growing use of money power in politics, which undermines democratic processes and norms— while hypocritically pretending to occupy a high moral ground, says the report released by Press Council ofIndia.

The report says, “It is widely believed that many media companies, irrespective of the volume of their businesses and their profitability, were ‘selling’ news space after arriving at an ‘understanding’ with politicians and representatives of corporate entities that were advertisers. Space in publications and airtime were occupied by advertisements that were disguised as ‘news’.

In addition to that the current trend is to; make anchors in “TV debates”; to ask leading questions and allow disproportionate time to some (to put forward their illogical arguments) and hardly allow some to express their views (logical and justified); to bias the audience and benefit the payer.

Don’t you think Govt  of India spent a lot of money to get these anchors trained abroad?

The recommendation of the Press Council report were withheld from the public until an right to information (RTI) application from journalist Manu Moudgil forced to Press Council to come out with all the relevant details by 10 October 2011 after an order from the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC).  Read:  full report on ‘Paid News’:

EC will understand the urgency of the situation and ensure speedy implementation of the reforms envisaged?


Greed & Corruption; LIKE DRUGS; GIVES A KINK IN THE BEGINNING; an addiction & forces one to steel/loot to keep the habit going?
 All should pray GOD to give common sense to corrupt; to see the damage they are causing to self; posterity & nation?

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