Open letter to NDA. Who is our next President?

Open letter to NDA. Who is our next President?

Don’t you think; It is NDA’s and Sangam’s trun to fight for democratic rights in Court?

NDA shouldn’t kneel-down and prove that IT CAN; MORE THAN MATCH THE POLITICAL WITS OF CONGRESS? IT IS NOT A COINCIDENCE that cong; made Mukharjee as its candidate for presidential elections with the support of SP and BSP and other allies who are having DA CASES PENDING AGAINST THEM? Financial sops/black etc. the methods (blackmailing) employed are worse than HORSE TRADINGcoercing party men to vote to Pranb while elections are going on(can we call the voting is democratic and secret ballot?)  Read Jul 19, 2012, Presidential poll: Congress managers were, however, not leaving any base uncovered and met after Sonia’s lunch to discuss poll booth management strategies for Parliament’s central hall and all the assemblies were MLAs and MLCs will cast their votes.

And;  Working from what was virtually a control room set up in the office of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Bansal, a team of Congress managers led by Bansal and Ahmed Patel, political secretary to Congress president Sonia Gandhi, worked through the day to monitor the voting and ensure that every positive vote for the UPA candidate was cast.

Don’t you think; it is time for NDA to wakeup and proves that it can match political wits of cong? It is right opportunity for NDA to prove that it can carry forward the wishes of 70% of Indians by proving that SAngama is the right candidate. This will also convince Indians that NDA is indeed a capable of COUNTERING HAND TWISTING POLICIES of cong to get support by using investigating agencies (CBI, ED, CAG and CBDT) against opponents (makes no difference they are from opposition or allies and manipulates them like 3rd rate citizens)? Kurshid said; all agencies are under Govt control?

NDA should show to the nation that it can go to court and prove that Panab got elected by unfair means (has he not submitted a forged letter to EC?)

NDA shouldn’t kneel-down and PROVE THAT IT CAN; MORE THAN MATCH the political wits of congress? Read:75% Indians want Kalam as prez? Cong is against him? Why? Cong wants a rubber- stamp? Is it democracy? Read

Mr. pranab as president boon or bane you decide: Read  Awake; understand freedom + democracy; message to all

also Read: Follow on; Electoral reforms; Open letter to EC

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