G20 Leaders Declaration and accountability.


G20 Leaders Declaration and accountability.

Dear PM,

18-19 June 2012. G20 Leaders Declaration http://g20mexico.org/images/stories/temp/G20_Leaders_Declaration_2012.pdf  and what India can contribute.

Don’t you think; sharing my ignorance with you; may help or at least makes you aware of the pitfalls to avoid?

1. Three sessions (preferably with in one week)

a) Appraisal (core group & 2nd in line people) of the task on hand (birds eye view) aims and envisaged difficulties; expected time available and invitation of suggestion to achieve the task.

b) Discussions of plans made by core group. Finalization of time and recourses (funds, manpower, work place etc).

 c) Allocation of sub tasks; review periods; accountability (identifying the leaders and their teams) and consequences of failures should be clarified.

2. Work expands to fill the time available? 

a) We should set achievable shortest time limit for the task (break it to achievable; independent tasks) to be achieved; with set review period to monitor the progress?

b) Allocating the tasks to group heads/individuals and MAKING THEM ACCOUNTABLE is the major part of the task? The team should listen to people who disagree with them (at no point the target at hand be ignored) and improve the working methods of the team?

c) Timely appreciation of good work at review meetings will be of great help; it doesn’t mean people responsible for delays should not be appraised of their shortfalls and made accountable for the responsibilities they are shouldering?

d)  Deciding 2nd in line responsibility is a necessity?

When there is a will there will bea way?

The important aspects are i. Clear idea about what we want to achieve? ii. Set time targets? iii. Clear planning iv. Core groups v. Timely reviews vi. And accountability are the ingredients of success?

Every one should be made to understand the importance of practicing; what they preach.

Accountability at all levels makes a nation, prosperous & safe?

Corruption & greed (may benefit individuals and small groups) are the enemies of progress of any society and nations.

Wish you best of all in your commitment. 

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