Democracy; Judiciary; natural justice; people and media.


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Democracy; Judiciary; natural justice; people and media.

Don’t you think; Democracy means; rule; by majority opinion of the people and for the benefit of the people?

Majority opinion can be ascertained; by participation of representatives; chosen by majority groups (political parties; influential groups like civil societies etc)? In case of political parties; majority representation is ascertained once in five years (or when ever elections take place)? In dynamic societies this period can’t be a measure of real representation; the reason why civil societies gain importance as pressure groups in public debates? All should learn to listen to people who don’t agree with them; is the core (the central, innermost, or most  essential  part of anything) of democracy?

  1. Conscience (the inner sense of what is right or wrong);
  2. Debate (a formal contest in which the affirmative and negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers) and voting (a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals)?
  3. And Consensus (general agreement or concord; harmony)?

Are  three; fundamental (being  primary source) concepts (an idea of  something formed  by  mentally combining all its  characteristics  or  particulars)  of democracy?

The number game is 2nd part of 2nd stage of democratic behavior to arrive at 3 rd stage; consensus to attain; harmony for smooth implementation of majority opinion?

Avoiding Conscience; Debate plus voting and an attempt to make number game alone to arrive at consensus is mobocracy (implied democracy by brute force)?

All the problems faced by democracies in the world; are due to violation of democratic principles (brute force in number game; by horse trading; blackmailing; arm twisting etc.)?

All political parties’; aim; to gain (to acquire as an increase or addition) money at any cost; instead of welfare of people; to win elections is the main cause of unrest in all democracies?

Democracy aims at welfare of all and mobocracy aims at welfare of a section of people; with money power at the cost of others?

Money makes many things and it is a bad master but a necessary evil? running after it blindly (as if one has to live to hoard wealth and hope to eat diamonds; one day; that never comes; instead of healthy food) ; is the cause of many ills of society; scams; corruption and creation of black money; looting; murdering etc. and wars?

Constitutions are written (mainly divided into three distinct activities); to use; the power of this evil master (money); for building harmonious societies and nations?


a. having the function of making laws and to amend them; for generation of wealth (natural resources; industrial activities; collection of taxes; utilization of funds) for welfare of people?  

b. frame rules and regulations for departments and organizations; who are authorized to handle such funds (collection; accumulation and spending); and their remunerations and welfare funds etc?

c. to frame laws and to amend them; to regulate civil and criminal activities of people; to ensure equal rights to all (all are equal before; civil & criminal laws); within the frame work of constitution?

d. And to frame procedures to be followed to enforce; criminal; civil laws and people authorized to handle such matters and their remunerations and welfare funds etc.?

2. Executive

a. having functions of collection; accumulation and spending of funds; for the welfare of the people?

b. having functions maintaining law and order boarder security etc; they are vested with powers; to use force; to  attain their objectives?

3. Judiciary: an independent limb (brain) to ensure that all are treated equally before law; ensure natural justice; to ensure Executive and Legislative organs work with in the limits of constitution?

Judiciary is given the powers of interpretation of constitution and strike down any laws and procedures; not authorized by constitution and their interpretation is binding on all?

Supreme Court is the brain of constitutional body? When (body) working is harmonious; every thing will be fine; else the body will be fed with bitter pills; amputation/surgery of harmful parts/limbs; or even sending whole  body to intensive care unit; all with an aim to bring back the body to healthy condition only and only if the brain is functional? All of us know the ill effects of dulling the functions of brain with the help of alcohols; drugs etc; and no sensible social being likes them and calls them as addictions; that are to be cured?

Out of 3 limbs “Judiciary, Legislative & Executive” Judiciary is the brain.

In nature brain is supreme so does SC?

The Supreme Court of India; asserted that sky is the limit for exercising its extraordinary Constitutional powers to pass any order in the interest of justice, even if it means bypassing statutory provisions? 

Justice Chaudhry became a household name in Pakistan and gained international recognition in 2007 when he stood up to then President Musharraf over his bid to hold on to power? 

There is nothing like judicial over reach; as all its actions are to ensure natural justice; avoid undue benefits to any and to treat all; equally; with out any partiality?

No one is above law and can’t claim constitutional immunity against ill-gotten wealth or illegal activities?

It is the responsibility of media (diagnostic tools and 4th pillar of constitution) not to infuse fear psychosis into people by promoting concepts of instability as the nation is not dependent on single individual or party? Guide people in choosing proper candidates if elections are forced on them due to judgment of Supreme Court in the interest of natural justice?

Media should resist the temptation of becoming paid media and  promote the interests of corrupt?

In a democracy people are supreme; they should analyze the judgment and vote for candidates/parties who/which can ensure transparent and stable governments

Responsible people and media alone; can ensure dynamic and vibrant democracies?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe?

Greed & Corruption (may help individuals and groups; not a Nation); LIKE DRUGS; GIVES A KINK IN THE BEGINNING; an addiction & forces one to steel/loot to keep the habit going?
All should pray GOD to give common sense to corrupt; to see the damage they are causing to self; posterity and nation? 


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