Framing charges against public servants – insincere investigating agencies?

Framing charges against public servants – insincere investigating agencies?

Don’t you think; framing charges against; public servants and ministers are as good as conviction ; only and if only investigating agencies are not going to mess-them up under governmental pressure? Nexus between politicians; public servants; lawyers; corrupt and loopholes in the procedures and laws; are the causes helping guilty; in escaping the punishments? Other reasons are inefficient investigative agencies and bosses; public servants working under them; prepared to accept 3rd rate citizen status for personal benefits; or the corrupt?   Read: Can CBI be trusted; with its track record of Government’s control on it?

Fast tracking the courts with proven methods is a practical solution to punish the guilty; fast; by honest investigating agencies? Read: FAST TRACKing COURTS’ can  compress 10 yrs to 7 days?

To record your appreciation of the honest and express your feelings to dishonest log on to

To leave news about corruption log on to  For each; posted news in the site; there may be 1000 similar incidents unreported in the media? In a democracy people are supreme and your participation will make all the difference!

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.

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