Mokery of judiciary; Democracy vs Mobocracy; coalgate


Mokery of judiciary; Democracy vs Mobocracy; coalgate

(Less than 850 words) please read fully.Share with all Indians in the interest of Democracy; else it will be freedom to choose your dictators?

Be ready to participate in 2nd independence struggle?

Mockery of judicial system means destroying democracy and establishing mobocracy (implied democracy by brute force)?

EGoM to take official stand against auctioning of coal blocks.

India awake: Don’t you think; all political parties should realize the danger of economic slavery (to all including political parties) – corrupt Indian-raj (in the hands of a few FDI investors and why government is; in favor of FDI?) – A replica of British raj (industrial power after industrial revolution)?

EGoM to take official stand against auctioning of coal blocks for power projects, say sources: North, News -IndiaToday

The finance ministry, which is now under Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, has decided to oppose the proposed policy to make auction the binding principle for dealing with coal blocks.

“Revenue maximisation is not the sole objective of natural resources. It has to be balanced with larger national good,” they said. Taking on the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) on the issue, sources said, “Making policy is not CAG’s jurisdiction

India awake; understand that Indian democracy is at a critical juncture and all; including political parties; should awake or else be prepared to ….? (understand the cartoons)
Don’t you think; there are many men of principle in both parties in America, but there is no party of principle. ~Alexis de Tocqueville?
In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant? ~Charles de Gaulle; the statements are true in Indian contest also?

 It all appears to be a pre-planned activity to cover the track of Coalgate scam and make Indians; economic slaves to corrupt corporate houses and a few economically rich politicians (no prize for guessing)?

1. Raising irrelevant issues like; of auctioning of natural resources (not on FCFS basis; coal) while filing review petition of 2G scam; cancellation of licenses? Read:April 13 2012, SC admits govt petition against 2G scam ruling?

2. with drawing the review petition when court wants to hear it? Read: May 08, 20122G scam: Govt to withdraw review petition

3. Then filing a presidential reference; flawed on facts; seeking court’s direction on the issue of pricing of natural resources (cong wants to save Pranb and itself; by making him; president  and be immune to enquiry?)? Read: April 12, 2012Presidential Reference on 2G flawed on facts and logic

4. Now the; illogical argument of “Revenue maximisation is not the sole objective of natural resources. It has to be balanced with larger national good?”  Read: Revenue maximisation is not the sole objective And Coalgate scam:

5. Not disclosing of the names available (CD) with Pranab while presenting white paper on black money?  Read: Jun 29, 2012, Open letter to Mr. Pranab; 

6. Rahul and Sonia trying to gag the press not to disclose information about them? Read: Jul 02, 2012UPA out to gag free opinion on Sonia, Rahul on the net: RSS;

All are clear indicators of; desperate efforts to cover-up Coalgate scam and the nexus between; all corrupt; corporate houses; politicians and money launders?

National good doesn’t lie in; allowing the corrupt to loot the resourses and become extremely rich to re-invest such ill-gotten wealth in the form of FDI (10 to 16 times of GDP) to enable them to have income for generations to come? It means making the looters the dictators of Indian economy and the population their economic slaves (hire and fire at will rule by black-mailing)?

All political parties should awake and oppose such a move to stop their posterity and all Indians; from becoming puppets in the hands of such economic dictators?

It is First step to destroy democracy and establish mobocracy in its place?

All the efforts and sacrifices of Indian freedom fighters to get us freedom will be nullified and Indians will have; Corrupt Indian-raj; in the hands of a few rich politicians and industrial houses a replica of  British-Raj; to loot; the natural wealth and efforts of Indians? Read: building vote banks

We need many election reforms (political parties are dodging them as they loose red carpet to corruption; they are enjoying presently) Read:   Open letter to EC, Sri.V S Sampath

And Jul 2, 2012 Election reforms: Election Commission proposes, Central government disposes

awake India and all political parties; you have to win 2nd– Independence war; by having bills incorporating sprit of Jan lokpal to control and practically eradicate; corruption & black-money (by getting back money slashed away in foreign banks and tax havens and in black-economy) into white economy?

This will enable Indiato become foreign debt-free economy with employment to all; who want to be and honest bread winner  ; inflation free and one of natural super powers? Read: White Vs Black Economy and Ills of black economy and corruption free societies

In a democracy people; constitution are supreme and parliament has a limited time mandadate (in between the election periods)? Judiciary is brain of constitution? Read how democracy works:

Accountability at all levels makes a nation safe and prosperous?

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  1. […] Trying to find ways to protect the corrupt; by trying to nullify/delay SC findings/rulings with the help of review petitions; presidential references; has not gone well? Read: mokery of judiciary? […]

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