Provocative Cartoons make us think; to change our public image?


Provocative Cartoons make us think; to change our public image?

Can’t media 4th pillar of democracy; take-up the issue; in the interest of harmoniums and democratic societies for posterity?

Educationalists and eminent cartoonists described the day as a sad day for the Indian democracy.  Read: Democracy; Judiciary; natural justice; people and media.

“Tolerance is the first pillar for democracy, especially when our society is multi-lingual and multi-cultural. We politicians criticize everybody, but why should we hesitate if criticism pointed at us?” said Sharifuddin Shariq; MP.

Don’t U think; Cartoons make you think and good educational tools?

Politicians use Ambedkar cartoon as ploy to denigrate accountability-seekers? Cartoons and Caricatures; depict reality; in thousand words; humorously; forcefully; compels one to think and verify?

The present day politicians who are seeing their reflections in them; are because of their clouded thinking and not reality? They should not use educational tolls for vote-bank politics?

Interestingly, during the CABE meeting held on September 6 and 7, 2005 to approve the new NCF, while referring to the mandate given to NCERT by the HRD, Arjun Singh had said the textbooks should be developed in tune with constitutional values which included liberty of thought and the freedom of expression? Academician Yashpal, who led the preparation of NCF, told DNA that the controversial cartoons  had Arjun Singh’s sanction in 2006?

Revolutionary guiding (teaching) methods of perception (thought provoking pictures and cartoons) and learning through verification (experiment and analyzing) results in; educated; posterity; which can find solutions to present day ills and can build a harmonious; peace loving societies?

Being; copy cats with limited ability to analyze the situation logically; not  capable of taking; suitable decisions; much less the ability to pursue and implement them should not be the aim of education? We can see; this from the way our MLAs (assemblies); MPS (parliaments); lawyers (courts); bureaucrats (government offices) and peoples’ behavior in general?

Dull textbooks and fast changing society; produced a generation; not capable of thinking; nothing other than quick money; at any cost? It is the cause of rampant corruption and deteriorating social and moral values?

Guiding methods; enable one to reason & distinguish “good from bad” (helps in logical actions; which can result in dynamic; vibrant; healthy democratic societies & nations; which; positive thinking people are dreaming about)?  Read: Assumption, Perception & Verification

It is strange that; in cartoons; which our politicians think; derogatory;  principals; find nothing wrong; students don’t interpret them the way politicians do; then why politicians see their reflections in them?

It is because cartoons and Caricatures; depict reality; in thousand words; humorously; forcefully; compels one to think and verify?

The present day politicians who are seeing their reflections in them is because of their clouded thinking and not reality?

Students can pickup (from pictures and CARTOONS); their perceptions & give answers for the questions asked (use the information collected from external sources)? It is desirable; as this method of teaching avoids; brain washed copy-cat answers? In the event the students are using negative interpretation; it gives an opportunity to the teacher to correct him?

We need education which makes students; brave and willing to experiment & find solutions to improve upon unsatisfactory conditions (scientific approach)?

An education which makes students; slaves; to a particular thought & blind followers is dangerous; and the cause of many; historical destructive revolutions/wars? As corrupt & clean (a mix of them always co-exists) can’t think alike and we have to optimize the possibility of positive thinkers and is possible only with thought provoking cartoons and Caricatures in books?

Politicians; who normally don’t bother about; implementing; expert committee’s recommendations; and worried about vote bank politics; meddling with text books is a dangerous trend? Content of text books; should be left to experts? Read :

Why did the Congress so readily disown the textbooks that its government had itself approved six years ago? Can a minister who is willing to hang his officers; to save his skin; command any respect?

Ability to accept won faults & sincere efforts to over come; needs real courage?

50% of politicians lack this courage; & hope that people will forget; their misdeeds soon & they can; carry on with their business as usual?

50% of media; is bold enough; to highlight these misdeeds & follow them to logical conclusions?

Nature wanted; living being to LEARN THROUGH PERCEPTION (adoptability) & NOT THROUGH ASSUMPTION (causes of fears & doubtful living; may or may-not be a reality)? Our posterity should be brave and bold (capable of taking right decisions; good for society and pursue them to logical conclusions) not meek and timid (not capable of taking right decisions and leaving them half-way through and keep blaming one another for the mess created by themselves)?

Also read: May 17, 2012; what lone MP; Sharifuddin Shariq; who stood by the cartoons in Parliament and what other MPs told him out side parliament:

Activists protest removal of Ambedkar’s cartoon from textbooks

DNA exclusive: No mid-year recall for NCERT books


Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous & safe?

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