There are sufficient reasons to doubt the integrity of Pranab


There are sufficient reasons to doubt the integrity of Pranab

Don’t you think; there are sufficient reasons to doubt the integrity of Pranab; to get rejected as presidential candidate by EC; failing which to pursue the matter in courts?
NDA partners and other parties who are supporting Sangma; can prove themselves that; they are against corruption; by defeating the intentions of Congress; to make Pranab as president and save its skin from corruption charges?

This may also increase the chances of forming an alternative government before 2014 and save the country from inflation; falling rupee value etc.?

List of reasons:

Comment by; Shri V. Sundaram is an I.A.S officer of the Tamil Nadu Cadre.

Pranab Mukherjee, the shameless and willing slave of Indira Gandhi bowed to her with reverence every moment every day and said all the time, “Indiais Indira and Indira isIndia”. MR. MUKHERJEE HAS BEEN A LONG TIME MONEY LAUNDERER FOR MS. SONIA GANDHI.  His frequent trips toChittarajanPark,New Delhi, over the last two decades, were only to arrange for money transfers for Ms. Sonia Gandhi through Hawala Operators.”

Don’t you think the charges levelled by; Shri V. sudaram are very serious and through a shadow of doubt about integrity of Mr. Pranab? Read:

  • Sudaram’s allegations seems to be strengthened by the fact that; one Pune stud farm owner Hasan Ali Khan owed Rs70,000 crore in income tax to government. He is also suspected to be a hawala king who could have transmitted a major chunk of $8.04 billion unaccounted Indian money in foreign banks.

When Khan was released on bail, Union government’s ED didn’t contest and let him go. Why? Read: A SC judge exposed a self-centered government.

Name of Khan; in the list is the reason why; Mr. Pranab is hesitating to disclose the names on CD? Read Black money: Out of 1,400, Pranab Mukherjee chases 17, won’t name anyone

There are enough reasons to doubt integrity of pranab?

NDA and other parties who are supporting Sangma as presidential candidate should not; step-back; in stooping Pranab from becoming president (even; it comes to filing cases in appropriate court/s); IN THE INTEREST OF DEMOCRACY; and prove to nation that NDA is; really interested in fight against corruption; and gain lost confidence in it?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and strong?

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