Open letter to all political parties- issues and solutions


Open letter to all political parties- issues and solutions

To all Political Parties, 

Don’t you think; Most important aspect of democracy is to listen to every one; Read: Listen to people who disagree

it never occurred to us; in the age of IT and networking; people hardily forget any thing and that we failed to gain the trust of Indians as our parliamentarians; in recent past; could not fulfill the promises made to the nation?

Implementation of constitutional amendments 73 and 74 (pending for many years); can put India on growth path with better utilization of developmental funds (75 – 85% getting drained in corruption)? Read: Panchayati Raj Institutions; can compete with metros! Read:

Electoral reforms to cleanse political parties of criminalization and rampant corruption; inability of passing bills like strong lokpal etc are main causes of flight of flyby night foreign funds from India? Read: Electoral reforms; Open letter to EC Read: 

And Nation is watching you

Trying to find ways to protect the corrupt; by trying to nullify/delay SC findings/rulings with the help of review petitions; presidential references; has not gone well? Read: mokery of judiciary?

When we over look the possibilities of raising funds by proper utilization of internal/natural recourses; allow them to be looted and to be invested in the form of FDI back in India; the hope of investment by genuine foreign investors will be a remote possibility and only “flyby night operators” will come with their investments and it is not in the interest of financial health of India? Read: out of 1,400, Pranab Mukherjee chases 17, won’t name anyone.

And White Vs Black Economy & Ills of black economy  

Government/all parties should pay attention to burning issues on hand and find lasting solutions to them on priority? 

Our judicial system should deliver fast justice Read: Fast tracking judicial system

No one who is genuine and serious; and want long term business relations will be interested; to invest in a country which lacks trustworthy political parties with all democratic principles thrown to wind? Read: Our politicians should think of nation; people; and party in that order?

And Democratic principles.

Paying attention to burning issues; finding solutions to them and not to relay; too much on paid media will restore confidence of all (foreign and Indian investors); sooner or later; in makingIndiaas one of the super powers soon?

Political parties should work for development of respective state/nation; provide corruption free; transparent administration;  to stay in power than relaying on vote banks of poor by keeping them poor? Read:  building their vote banks:

In a nut shell:

All we need is political will; interest of the country above party/personal interest; bring in; necessary electoral reforms; strong anti corruption laws; fast delivery of justice; utilization of natural recourses for generation of funds; use them for infrastructure  and  economically sustainable social welfare;  follow principles of democracy in earnest and sincere efforts to fulfill the promise made?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe?

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