Secret ballat c…


Secret ballat congress style? An Open letter to Electoral College.

Don’t you think; Congress hopes to get its presidential candidate elected by mobocracy (implied democracy by coercion)?

Secret ballot voting is to enable one to vote as per his conscience with out fear? The election is held in accordance to the system of “Proportional representation” by means of Single transferable vote method? The Voting takes place by secret ballot system?

The secret ballot: is a voting method in which a voter’s choices in an election or a referendum are anonymous. The key aim is to ensure the voter records a sincere choice by forestalling attempts to influence the voter by intimidation or bribery? The system is one means of achieving the goal of political privacy? Read:

Political privacy: has been a concern since voting systems emerged in ancient times? The secret ballot is the simplest and most widespread measure to ensure that political views are not known to anyone other than the voter—it is nearly universal in modern democracy; and considered a basic right of citizenship? Even where other rights of privacy do not exist, this type of privacy does? Read:

In secret ballot voting method; it is illogical for any one to forecast the votes polled; as every one’s conscience; prods him to vote for a candidate who is having a clean record in the interest of the nation?

“Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion”? So does a person who aspires to be President ofIndia?

Pranab Mukherjee – Controversies, allegations and accusations; necessitates and It is; Pranab mukerjees moral responsibility to clear himself of all charges; before aspiring to be President of India? Read open letter to EC and Pranab

31% of MPs and MLAs; with criminal records; be bared from voting as people with criminal records tend to vote for considerations other than National Interest?  Read:

Congress hopes to get its candidate elected by mobocracy (implied democracy by coercion) using; coercion (disqualifying/threat to disqualify the voters who don’t vote in favor of its candidate); black mailing (CBI cases); sops (central fund allocations) to states; secret horse trading/whips etc.; all practices prohibited in modern democratic elections? Read: Open letter to EC, Sri.V S Sampath

We can hope voters of “Electoral College” will keep in mind; clean record of candidate and; the interest of the nation (hasn’t Pranb said he is not able to do any thing for congress and feeling like fish out of water – a clear indication that he will be a congress person even after presidential elections – where as a president should be apolitical?); while giving their conscience vote? It is true Indians always loved democracy and many a times; chose right candidate when it came to exercising their votes?

It is the turn of social media to take active part? We played our Role against Prathiba patel and Shinghvi; why not against Pranab? Read:

Thank you,


Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.

Read also: Democratic Principles

And Law enforcement agencies- boon or bane?

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