How social media twitter works?


How social media works? TO STRENGTHEN democracy. 

Participate and STRENGTHEN DEMOCRACY by following and re-tweeting socially important tweets.

Don’t you think; we people who are interested in democracy and justice played our role (Prathibha patel and Singhvi) while media turned its face other side; lest they may loose government support? Read:

Justice Katju & governments think; 90% Indians fools. ARE WE? Participate and STRENGTHEN DEMOCRACY by following and re-tweeting socially important tweets. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

Follow 7 simple steps; after logging on to your twitter account:

  1. In “search box” key-in (type) the topic of interest “xyz…..” example; prathibha; president; plane crash etc; and click on search.
  2. From Results (tweet messages displayed; Your search “xyz…. “; Is displayed in bold letters) Click on the “icon” of interest – wait till the screen opens – click on -”follow it will “change to following”.
  3. Click on “smal square; next to following”; wait for a box with “@xyz….” Add or remove etc. appear. Select “@xyz…….” And click.
  4. In the box that appears” Type your message and the link (optional) by using copy paste “htpp;/…..”  if you want to add.
  5. Click on “tweet” (bottom; right-hand-corner of the box) – Your message will be posted.
  6. Click on “HOME” you will have a list of “tweets; following; followers”
  7. At home Click on “@connect” – you will have a list of people who are responding – thank them.

Now on your “home tweets” will be automatically sent to the people who are following you. India awake; Pool all the people having same interests; into the social-net; – keep trying to enlarge your group.

Urgent & Important: Use RE-TWEETS to pass on (share) the message U like/think important to all your followers (make your tweets  PUBLIC).

Urgent & important: Your immediate action/opinion can save/strengthen OUR DEMOCRACY.

Total revolution – Let it take roots; ppl 2 decide Read & act. Warning drops precede heavy rains. Read: – (tweet this to all your friends by using copy and paste)

Don’t you think; Govt Initiatives taken for unearthing black money are too little and lack honest efforts? Isn’t like paying attention to ants & afraid of touching elephants?  Read: (U can tweet; if you like)

To make social networking very effective; use; following; re-tweet; reply; and @connect as often as possible.

By following me you will get all socially important tweets posted to you when I tweet (new) or re-tweet.

Constitution & People are supreme in a democracy. Parliaments have limited time-period mandate (election to election) are there to serve the constitution and people; that is why THEY ARE CALLED PUBLIC SERVENTS.

Let us build powerful social-networks; contribute to total revolution; facilitate participation of every one in voting and LET US DECIDE WHAT WE WANT  for OUR community; promote corruption free;  accountable societies and weaken corrupt governments.


Encourage 3 of your friends and those 3 each. With in no time India will be a closely nit society with your active participation.

Do U want U or your posterity bound labor? No READ  Justice Katju & governments think; 90% Indians are fools. Read:

It is for US TO PROVE that 10% (political class) are what; they think we are.


Take help of friends to spread the message fast


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