Is East India Company in remaking?

Is East India Company in remaking? Isn’t time for India to awake up and protect its democracy?

Is Annna and Baba Ramdev agitation to be supported? Isn’t time for; Political parties to regain their respect and save democracy and stop remake of “East India Company Sonia version”? (Read full text less than 1200 words)

“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda.

Are our politicians; willing to allow India to be colonized by corrupt politicians and companies (FDI & corrupt dollars) and be satisfied with 3rd rate citizen treatment to themselves and let down majority of Indians who elected them?

After reading this; you and they may not accept a 3rd rate citizen (we listen to equals and demand bribe from 2nd rate citizens) treatment any longer?

Don’t your think; Main party in government; is not interested in the welfare of the people? It will not bring/implement those legislations; which empower the people; make them prosperous and capable of managing their own affairs as they erode their vote banks; put a check on “the loot of natural resources” and ultimately stop them from their grand plan of Indian version of  East-India Company?

We can’t find any other reason why they are not paying any attention to burning issues like rotting food grains; inflation; falling rupee; rampant looting of natural resources through scams; etc.; and harp on FDI; even in retail chains and government private partnership? All they want is to invest their looted dollars in the Indian economy and gain monopoly on it and thus establish Indian version of East-India Company for themselves?

We can easily understand the reasons why they are not interested in;

  1. Implementing 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments which empower people to look after their own welfare and development programs? Read, Expected achievements by implementing 73rd & 74th amendments; Panchayati Raj Institutions; can compete with metros!
  2. Passing women’s reservation bill.
  3. Passing strong lokpal bill incorporating the consensus of both houses (as communicated to Anna hazare by PM to make Anna withdraw his hunger strike)?
  4. In disclosing the list of  black money account (Swiss and other tax heaven countries) holders; available with government (shielding the corrupt); and not look into other burning issues?

It is simply; because they want Sonia-cong to become a monopoly institution (East Inidia Company avtar) as they want it to be?

Congress is harping on FDI; private-government partner ship etc.; again and again; to colonize states of  India though them? Cong & party is interested in establishing; trading patterns similar to EAST INDIA COMPANY? They want to gain monopoly to reduce majority of political parties and Indians; to bound labor status?

Our corrupt politicians and corporate houses want their dollars (looted funds from India) in “FDI partnership ventures” and own large chunks of lands and mammoth retails chains; WITH AN AIM to eventually control; all production; distribution (supply) and retail chains (monopoly control on economic activities along with political supremacy)?

In case this plan materializes; congress and company will become; undisputed owners (political bosses) of India (first EAST INDIA COMPANY and then BRITISH Raj)? It will result in governors and CEOs (similar to British Raj princely state and Jamindari system)?

Sonia congress has already; started implementing this plan by appointing; all; governors; ambassadors; chairpersons of boards and commissions; bank director and now President of India; with its party-men or retired officials who follow its dictates? Read:

Out Of the 21 judges to have retired from the Supreme Court since January 2008, 18 got jobs in different government commissions and tribunals. A majority still continue in these positions.

All of them are following the procedures laid by British Raj? Taking the permission of the people; who are to be investigated for corruption; from the people who are corrupt or can be influenced by the corrupt; is a tricky way of protecting the corrupt (having investigating agencies under its control; it is using arm twisting methods to get support from political parties to survive)?

It is time for all parties to choose between; “self-respect + democracy” vs kneeling down?  Conscience vs mobocracy (“political control by a mob” or “the mob  as a ruling class”)? Read how govt machinery is misused

It is a grand plan to reduce all coalition partners to 3rd rate citizen status; who; depend on alums of sonia-congress for their survival?

It is time for all political parties to understand the importance of freedom and democracy and regain their self respect? Read: India awake; understand freedom + democracy; message to all.

Corruption is the cause; of Indian rebellion of 1857 (Administrative control of India came under the prestigious Indian Civil Service which had administrative control over all districts outside the princely states. At first all-British, it included increasing proportions of Indians, and totaled about 1000 men. They were very well organised, well-educated and professional, followed the policies of divide & rule to loot the natural recourses of the country (similar strategies are followed by Sonia-cong & company and the cause of Anna & Baba Randev’s agitations).

British-Indian Civil Service avoided the bribes and inside deals that had made for great wealth (like our present day public servants including politicians) among the officials of the defunct East India Company? Read:

Now we can understand why Anna hazare called the present struggle against corruption as 2nd Independence war? The problems Anna team; Baba Ramdev and Indians; have to face are enormous? Read why Anna-ism never die

The struggle is tough and all people who love Accountability at all levels and transparent governance; to make; India a prosperous & safe nation (as envisaged by our freedom fighters) should support Anna hazare and Baba Ramdev’s movements; be prepared for a continued struggle and sacrifices; to stop; East India company like situation develop and force Indians to accept; bonded labor; conditions; for them and their posterity?

Clean and corrupt can’t think alike and a few corrupt can make life of many clean miserable? We should discord rotten fish?

It is an opportunity for clean politicians (from all parties/individuals) and Indians to come together; in an EFFORT to form a strong central coalition government; with common minimum program;  after parliament elections (why not before elections)?

Failure of present movements; is sure slavery for majority of political parties (present coalition partners are already tasting the fruits of the situation) and Indians Read: Building vote banks

Constitution and people are supreme in a democracy and parliament is having “a limited time period mandate (period between election to election) and it is the duty of parliament; to carry out the aspirations of the people; who elected them?

People are having right to make; parliamentarians; understand their aspiration; by peaceful agitations or through them out (as it happened after imposition of emergency by Indira Gandhi)? Even President of India who enjoys immunity from legal actions can be impeached and thrown out by “the people who are supreme and are like sleeping giants” with unlimited powers by peaceful agitations?

Unfortunately our elected representatives are following the principles of mobocracy and are using undemocratic methods like arm twisting/blackmail (using investigation agencies); horse trading; sops of public funds etc. to survive in power? Mobocracy and power without accountability; is the sole cause of rampant corruption and black economy; rising prices; falling rupee value etc.; in a nut shell; all ills of economy and present mess? Read, White Vs Black Economy & Ills of black economy

Anna and Baba Ramdev are trying to wake us up (democracy loving citizens of India) and make us realize our hidden supreme power which we get when we are united?

Thieves can rob us only when we are not alert or slumbering?

India should awake and protect democracy and democratic rightsIt is possible with our united actions? Read democracy;judiciary; people and media:

Issues and solutions are well known and we need determination to get them implemented Read electoral reforms are the crux; save democracy:

How the political class has looted India? Just power: They aspired to be a class apart and have succeeded handsomely.

The power of one can move a mountain, literally! One man with a hammer and a chisel against a mountain! What you and I have to decide is, do we want to be like Dashrath Manjhi, or do we want to be like the villagers who tried to dissuade him? And there is a clear choice before us. What he was attempting to do was for everyone’s benefit. Still, instead of joining him, his fellow villagers made fun of him. Congrats, Dashrath Manjhi. All people; NGOs; Media; LOVING FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY around the world should support Indians in the struggle FOR TRUE  INDEPENDENCE .

BEWARE! be alert and know how paid news is undermining democracy; Read: Paid News? 

AWAKE: “Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda.


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