Survival techniques – democracy vs mobocracy – ppl are supreme


Survival techniques – democracy vs mobocracy – ppl are supreme

In a democracy Constitution and people are supreme. Parliament with its limited mandate (election to election) is there to do what people want! If they fail people are having a right (demonstrations) to through them out and elect new representatives!

Don’t U think; no political party is having right to loot the people under the pretext; so and so; is also looting is not a valid argument? No one should be under the belief that people can be fooled by blame games (assuming soon they will forget) and the parties can continue to “loot the country” game as usual any longer? In an IT world it is just not possible? Read: Threat to National security and corruption:

U can fool all for some time; some (who blindly believe U) for all the time but not ALL FOR ALL THE TIME?

Now major political parties have realized that they can’t use mobocracy to carry on their “loot the nation” agenda? They have no other choice; than to convince the people about their intentions by addressing the press; out side the parliament and in press meets? Read: Freedom + Democracy; Judiciary; media and people:

Sooner they realize; that they can’t subvert the democratic principles; the better to them? Undermining the roles of constitutional bodies; to carry on their antinational activities; of looting the country and people; is not acceptable any longer? Read Anna-ism is never going to die:

You judge; the mechanism used to “loot the country by listening” to what the major political parties have to say about the others:

This is what the congress said: Group of Ministers addressing Media Aug 24, 2012

This is what BJP said Monday, 27 August 2012: BJP Joint Press Conference by Smt. Sushma Swaraj & Sh. Arun Jaitley on the issue of Coal Scam:

India awake: In a democracy we people are supreme? We should be capable of asking; what we want for our society and parliament is there to protect the constitution and carry on what we people want?

Just get together; talk to 3 and ask them to talk to 3 each – a revolutionary way – of a possible method of putting forward our demand in a democratic way is discussed Please read: Get together in 3s; REVOLUTION. Let ppl decide what thy want? talk2 3 & they 3 each. Act now

U have to remember that “God will help those who are interested in helping them selves” If U are not interested in your welfare (your welfare lies in the welfare of your society) no one else will be?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.

“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished”. Swami Vivekananda


Exploring the possibility of forming 3rd front soon?

Exploring the possibility of forming 3rd front soon?

India awake:  IS LEFT WITH NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE than to EXPERIMENT WITH UNIFIED 3RD FRONT at national level (Less than 900 words pl read fully)?

There is One feasible way of forming 3rd front soon (talk to 3 to begin with)?

“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda.

Democracy + freedom are the essence of the process Read: India awake; understand freedom + democracy; message to all

Don’t you think; 3rd FRONT SHOULD NOTICE; that UPA and NDA are also coalitions and surviving on the FEAR OF coalition’s PARTNER-PARTIES’ leaders; that they can’t survive without the support of big brother’s (CONG or BJP) financial support/support to delay investigations/prosecutions against them/its members? Running away from the problem is not the solution; we should be bold enough to face them? People forgive and forget the misdeeds of such brave people? In present setup none of coalition partners are safe?

FEAR IS the bottleneck? After Indira Gandhi one woman could manipulate the politics of congress till date (super PM with one advisor)?

IT IS UNIMAGINABLE to think that our political class LACKS PEOPLE WITH LEADERSHIP QUALITIES TO LEAD 3RD FRONT; to counter such manipulations which are not in the interest of the country and serve only a group of people/family.

By now it is clear; to all; that Cong is surviving on its strength to arm-twist its coalition partners and others; taking the help of investigating agencies or financial sops and wants to; somehow survive till 2014 elections?  Read: The biggest threat to national security is corruption and the blame game our politicians are playing

It is neither in the INTEREST OF THE NATION nor COALITION PARTERS to give; crucial time; till 2014; to big brothers to experiment and find ways to survive by MOBOCRACY and MAUNPULATE POLITICS IN THEIR FAVOR?

In the event cong gets hold of power it will go ahead with its plans of East India company; game plan; to establish its dynastic rule on India and destroy all opposition? A very sad day for all Indians and the sacrifices of freedom fighters; who; got us Independence? Read: is East India Company in remaking? and Robert Vadra .. And The Tip Of The Iceberg 04 April, 2012  (another Jagan or Gali of Andhra cong?).

Big brother’s only aim is to exploit the fear and bribe the people who help them to gain power and destroy them at the earliest? History is full of SUCH BIG BROTHERS; who NEVER HESITATED TO DESTROY the people who helped them; gain power?

It will be very difficult for both major parties; cong & BJP to resolve their internal conflicts as more than 30% of their candidates are not having clean records?


One feasible way of forming 3rd front before 2014 is to develop broader perspective of; coexistence; live and let live attitude than fight for supremacy? We have to OVERCOME THE ATITUDE that survival is possible; only; by looting TO SUPPORT ELECTION EXPENDITURE?

3RD front should have only 2 point agenda(till 2014); National interest and Electoral reforms to cleanse politics of money power? It is possible?

Working details: Nothing is possible with out efforts and overcoming difficulties?

We can assume around 300 Mps (from all parties); are interested in welfare and future of nation than just filling their coffers?

Action plan:

All MPs who are interested in clean politics and welfare of the nation (irrespective of their party affiliations) should GET TOGETHER AND TALK TO ONE ANOTHER  in small groups of 3 with an aim of forming a group of 10 and choose one representatives.

  1. Thus at first level we have 30 representatives.

These 30 representatives will form 3 groups and select 3 representatives.

  1. Thus second level has 3 representatives.

These three will choose one; with good integrity and administrative capabilities to be come PM and other two can be deputy PMs!

2nd level 30 can be Ministers.

They as a group of 300 can bring electoral & other; reforms; lokpal and other bills to cleanse political system to enable India to have a proper; parliament and transparent governance; to make India as one of super powers.

Note: selection should follow democratic principles Read: get together; you can bring REVOLUTION.  Let people decide what they want?

Important: Time is the essence? Act straight away. Share with 3 of your friends. Talk to them and encourage; each of them to share with 3. Soon the revolution you wanted will start and 3rd front; with in your reach?

Can’t people of India expect this exercise from their; respected; elected representatives; in the interest of the country?

Ours is a dynamic democracy and we will have such leaders at all 3 levels? THEY CAN lead their groups of 10?


First step to success is to start straight away and TALK TO  3 of your friends?

We should have faith in people working/going to work with?

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA’S saying should guide you through your efforts?

Accountability at all levels will make a nation prosperous and safe.

Fighting Corruption – Role of CAG Lokpal & People?


Fighting Corruption – Role of CAG Lokpal & People?


CAG Fighting Corruption? 


July 28th, 2011 Don’t you think; Criticism of the CAG is rooted in uneducated opinion and deliberate suppression and/or obfuscation of facts; to that can be added the deep-rooted bureaucratic and political antipathy to accountability? The CAG is only a second level accountability check-post to ministries/departments, the secretaries of which are the Principal Accounting Authority and internal auditor, the primary custodians of our national wealth? The CAG is neither a policy-maker nor a substitute for administrative ennui. Instead, CAG legitimately reports on faulty implementation and schematic lacunae that convert public money into shadowy investments in personal fiefdoms or deprive the nation of its legitimate share of revenue? The CAG becomes a convenient fall guy for executive malfeasance and non-performance?


The auditor is the only one who sees it (program implementation) across all the states”? And, while an audit is by definition a sort of stocktaking after the event, there are ways to make the findings more meaningful?


The office is a unique combination of knowledge, integrity, commitment and fearlessness? Indeed, the Comptroller and Auditor-General is India’s second remaining pillar of democracy? Read:


Why we need Lokpal?


August 17, 2012 Where will we file an FIR now, Kejriwal asks PM: Don’t you think; “We have just one question. Prime Minister, please tell us, where should we go to register an FIR on the basis of these CAG reports? All the agencies are under your control? All are under you, and that is why we are demanding a strong Lokpal,” is what activist Arvind Kejriwal said?


Rai: From faceless babu to anti-graft watchdog (CAG): He has put the once staid organization at the centre of the crusade against corruption and financial wrongdoing.


The biggest threat to national security is corruption & blame game of PM & President; a game played by political parties for over 65 years to divert the attention of ppl & walk away with loot? Cause of Anna’s & Baba Ramdev’s agitations? Read:




Constitution and People are supreme in a democracy. Parliament is having a limited time period mandate (election to election)? Elected representatives (public servants) should implement what people want?


People should decide what they want. Elected representatives should work to deliver what people want (that is democracy). Read: Democracy; Judiciary; people and media




Come together in 50s; we can bring TOTAL REVOLUTION. 7 SIMPLE STEPS U can decide what U want? We are dynamic democracy. Act


ESSENTIAL ACTIVITY: Share with 3 of your friends. Talk to them and encourage; each of them to share with 3 each. Soon the revolution you wanted will be with in our reach – PEOPELE DECIDE WHAT THEY WANT?




“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda.


Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.


Isn’t biggest threat to national security corruption & blame games?


Isn’t biggest threat to national security corruption & blame games?


Don’t you think; The biggest threat to national security is corruption & blame game of PM & President; a game played by political parties for over 65 years to divert the attention of ppl & walk away with loot?


Cause of Anna’s & Baba Ramdev’s agitations? It is not only team Anna & intelligentsia but also CJI are worried about making drafts with escape routes for the corrupt & getting them passed in great hurry with out debate?


We should understand freedom + democracy; message to all?


CJI (Kapadia) said “We are not scared of accountability laws.  Process of constitutional tinkering should be done very carefully; with the state of drafting of laws in our country today; else we will be taking a very big risk; disturbing the constitutional balance; which we will be regretting for all time to come”? August 16, 2012


The Unseen Hand of Sonia Gandhi operates as super PM; the most egregious manifestation of the “power without responsibility”? During Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister, Sonia Gandhi’s family associate Ottavio Quattrocchi wielded enormous powers over Ministers and top bureaucrats? Bhuria had the gall to reject the suggestions forwarded by Sonia; in the Cabinet reshuffle the next month, Bhuria was unceremoniously sacked?.  Aug 13, 2012 Read.


Only one who took on Congress’s sugar barons Deshmukh knew that all power lies with the Congress high command? Deshmukh would often jokingly remark, “I am the chief minister of Maharashtra tonight as I prepare to sleep; I don’t know what will happen tomorrow? He use to say Have faith and patience? “Unfortunately, in his final battle, Deshmukh’s patience deserted him? Aug 16, 2012


All can’t be fooled for all the time. Is cong getting isolated? Is media scared? Read.


PM,Sonia,Shinde attended Vilasrao Deshmukh’s funeral; & Ashok Chavhan also attended to complete the Adarsh Team?  August 15, 2012 India @ 65: President, PM play blame game over corruption – NewsX


Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.


Every one has to die one day? No one can carry wealth in his last journey? Ws are remembered for our deeds. 


Dying with out honor is loath some & truth prevails? The outcome of Nehru Gandhi family is unfortunate?


May be PM should take the advice of Baba Ramdev; resign & save India?


India awake: “Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda.


People are supreme in a democracy? We should all promote concept of TOTOAL REVOLUTION;  7 simple steps …follow and save democracy? Pl read


Are they against cong ………?


Are they against cong ………?

India awake: Understand freedom + democracy; message to all.

JANUARY 7, 2011 Sonia Gandhi and Congress Secret Billions Exposed: A stunning exposure on Sonia Gandhi’s secret billions in Swiss banks came, surprisingly, from Switzerland itself; where the world’s corrupt stash away their booty

Why govt is hiding Sonia’s foreign visits? Jun 13 2011 Make public foreign visit details of Sonia Gandhi; CIC to PMO: The application received by the PMO on February 26, 2010 was transferred to External Affairs Ministry on March 16, 2010 and further forwarded to Parliamentary Affairs Ministry on March 26, 2010.

15 Jun 2011 RAJEEV GANDHI SWISS BANK ACCOUNT DO YOU NEED ANY MORE PROOF? Rajiv Gandhi’s Picture in top most account holders of SWISS BANK in Swiss Bank Investment Magazine

‘Crooks and liars in the Indian media are the greatest danger to our democracy’?  JUNE 18, 2011 Why Is Indian Media Scared Of Sonia Gandhi? Complete silence on various issues and allegations concerning Sonia Gandhi is even more intriguing. NDTV, CNN-IBN, TimesNow, Headlines Today and their Hindi versions seem reluctant to even report items appearing in various other news sources. Amazing! Sonia Gandhi seems untouchable!

Why Senior Editors  Arnob Goswami,Deepak Chauriasia,Nikhil Wagle, not seen to debate issues? Read: Paid News?

SEPTEMBER 1, 2011 Sonia Gandhi caught on camera ‘holidaying’ in Switzerland. Sonia Gandhi—who was supposed to be in the USA for a surgery—was caught on camera, holidaying in Switzerland, by an Indian couple honeymooning there.

Jun 04, 2012 Don’t politicise black money issue: Nitin Gadkari to Sonia Gandhi. “Sonia Gandhi’s allegations against Ramdev are baseless. Is it anti-national to demand that Indian black money be brought back for the country’s well-being?… I feel she should not have done so. She should rise above party politics and work to save and free the country from price rise, poverty and hunger”, Gadkari said.

Don’t you think; Greed and inability to control black economy is the cause of present economic mess? Read: White Vs Black Economy

Govt’s Initiatives taken for unearthing black money are too little and lack honest efforts? Isn’t like paying attention to ants & afraid of touching elephants?

Corruption doesn’t pay in long run?

We can fool all for some time; some for all the time (congress party members); but not all for all the time (people of India)?

Truth prevails. Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and Safe. 

Initiatives taken to unearth black money


Initiatives taken to unearth black money

Dear PM Don’t you think; Govt Initiatives taken for unearthing black money are too little and lack honest efforts?

Black money inaction is betrayal: Read:

Isn’t like paying attention to ants & afraid of touching elephants?

Don’t you think; inability to control black economy is the cause of present economic mess? May be the government is trying to pay attention to ANTS and afraid of ELEPHANTS? Pl read: White Vs Black Economy an honest opinion solicited from you.

Why Coal scam report buried? Isn’t; a fact Govt received the copy of the report 11 days before the budget session ended & waiting for clearance from tainted finance minister’s clearance (fiddling when Rome is burning) for tabling it in parliament?

Isn’t a fact that the party; which; supported UPA in election of Pranab as President openly supports corruption? Hasn’t Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s uncle & State’s PWD minister Shivpal Yadav made the bizarre suggestion at a meeting in Etah; ‘“Steal a little” but not get caught “robbing” public funds”’; Isn’t; country is witnessing a mounting campaign against corruption and UP public works minister Shivpal Yadav was caught on camera exhorting government officials? Shivpal is the younger brother of ruling; Samajwadi Party chief; Mulayam Singh Yadav? Read: 

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.

Greed and corruption may make (till they are caught) an individual/group prosperous but not a nation.

Advantages of b…


Advantages of bottom to top organization:

The proposal is for consideration of IAC to achieve total revolution and establish true democratic principles in place and motivate people to vote. Let them decide what they want!

All big things are made of conglomeration of small things (integrated unit of small things; for example all buildings are made of sand; cement; bricks; wood; electrical items; labor etc.). To have desired results we should take care of small things (better control at lower levels); failure to do so will result in undesirable outcomes.

The difficulties lie; in the ability; to take care of small things/lower levels.

By following bottom to top organization IAC has to concentrate on much fewer members; less than 15 million people of total electorate; instead of 370 million. An organized set up to coordinate election process and has to spend less on electioneering expenditure.

The proposal is for consideration of IAC to achieve total revolution and establish true democratic principles in place. A 4-tire level of selection process is proposed to finalize; candidates; election manifesto and common minimum agenda to be followed after elections.

The primary groups should be made of local community of not more than 50 members each (may or may not belong to any party). Number of groups of each community depends on community size.

Every group of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level contains less than 50 people and represented by 2 selected people & FINAL SELECTION OF THE CANDIDATE TO CONTEST THE ELECTION IS FINALISED BY DEBATE BETWEEN TWO CANDIDATES at 4th level ON MERITS.


Basic principles of democracy (conscience, debate and voting, consensus decision)

Basic issues to be handled by people in pursuit of problems they are facing to find a solution.

Stage 1 Conscience (the inner sense of what is right or wrong).

Stage 1 Conscience (the inner sense of what is right or wrong).

Category 1: a. Food & water   b. Health and   c. employment

Category 2: a. Education   b. Safety and   c.  environment

Category 3: a. Infrastructure and  b. Shelter

Stage 2 Debate (a formal contest in which the affirmative & negative sides of a proposition are advocated by opposing speakers) and Voting (a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive  or  negative, made by an individual or body of individuals)

All three categories should be debated by group of 50 people of the select/community group and voted.

Stage 3 Consensus (general agreement or concord; harmony)

The three; fundamental (being primary source) concepts (an idea of something formed by mentally combining all its characteristics or particulars) of democracy

What each group has to do: Finalize the recommendations and send them along with the names of  2 elected representatives for next higher level for follow on action.

1 st 2nd and 3rd levels will have groups of 50 people each and each group will consist of not more than 50 members and represented by 2 chosen people. The qualification of each representative will be; ability to understand and present the needs of the community/group.

Procedure to be followed: Select 2 people to represent the group of 50. Discusses and finalize the requirements of the group. The selected people will be active members to ensure implementation of 73rd and 74th amendments of the constitution after elections (this active role after elections should be the motivating force). They will be supervisory force of development activities. To know the benefits Read: Expected achievements by implementing 73rd & 74th amendments. Panchayati Raj Institutions; can compete with metros!

Modus-operandi of each group:

  1. Conscience, selection of solution for the problem at hand
  2. Debate and voting, on requirements. Three groups (for; against and mixed) of  not more than 17 people each and one moderator (Listen to the people who disagree with you to improve upon the proposals made by you). Every group should have two opportunities to present their proposals (original and revised) and voted.
  3. Consensuses; finalize the requirements.

Send the proposal to next higher forum with names of 2 elected representatives who will represent them at next higher level. One of the representatives will be attending local meetings and the other represents them at higher level in alteration. Frequency of meeting every Sunday

Same process will be repeated at 2nd and 3rd levels and at 4th level a debate will be held between possible two candidates; to find out their commitment to cause; ability to carry on with common minimum program;  the winner’s name will be cleared to contest parliamentary elections.

Frequency of meetings: 1st level meeting will be once in a week on Sundays.

2nd level meeting will be once in 4 weeks on Sundays.

3rd level once in 6 weeks on Sundays

4th level before elections for finalization of candidates.

No of selected representatives at each level: 1st level will have 14.8 million selected representatives. 2nd level will have 0.6 million selected representatives. 3rd level will have 2400 selected representatives. 4th level will have 1000 people to choose from.

IAC responsibilities: A. find out the credentials of 2400 people; accept or reject and ask for a new recommendation from level 3. B. Arrange debate and finalize the candidate (from group 4) for elections.

Process: Collect all the recommendations; process and categories them; constituency wise to prepare election manifestos. Print and distribute to selected members of all groups to coordinate voting and to enable them to exercise their right to recall the elected members in case they fail to defend their cause properly in the parliament.

Arrange a debates among the selected candidates; to finalize election manifesto and common minimum program to be implemented after elections. The manifesto should stress on job opportunities than freebies. Read: Salable Skills:

Content of the manifesto: In addition to common minimum program; the manifesto will also contain the commitments to bring bills/implement

  1. Jan lokpal
  2. Judicial reforms (fasting of courts) Read: FAST TRACK COURTS compress 10 yrs to 7 days?
  3.  Police reforms and
  4. Administrative reforms
  5. Electoral reforms Read: Open letter to all political parties- issues and solutions:
  6. Recovery of black-money from the corrupt and plough it back into development programs by creating national development fund.
  7. Making finance commission responsible for planning and accountable for balanced development of all states.

In first session of parliament after election 73rd and 74th amendments of constitution will be implemented before funds are released for development. Accountability will be fixed to ensure  proper implementation of proposals and proper auditing mechanism put in place before releasing further funds. Any misappropriation should be dealt with confiscation of properties and suitable punishments. 2nd level representatives (village/municipality/town/city) are empowered to report any misappropriation and or improper implementation or tardy progress of the proposal/scheme. This empowerment and recognition will act as motivation force.

Jan lokpal bill will be passed during first session based on own strength or with the help of coalition partners.

Electioneering: Copies of manifesto related to each constituency will be given to the representatives selected by the groups to enable them to keep in touch with their group members and motivate them to participate in the election process. Empowerment and recognition will be the motivation force.

Any one who wants to become a primary member has to pay one time member ship fee of Rs. 25 only (the aim is to stop unnecessary interference from undesirable elements).

Elected members can be authorized to raise election funds from people who believe in IAC efforts and can afford to contribute to IAC to meet election expenditure. All contributions more that Rs 100; in the form of cheques/credit card payments/direct deposits into IAC account only. All collections to be deposited in IAC account; at least; twice in a week.

Proper grievance redressal mechanism; by involving next higher level people should be evolved; and settled in following meeting.

Involvement and accountability at all levies is the essence of true democracy.

“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda