Survival techniques – democracy vs mobocracy – ppl are supreme


Survival techniques – democracy vs mobocracy – ppl are supreme

In a democracy Constitution and people are supreme. Parliament with its limited mandate (election to election) is there to do what people want! If they fail people are having a right (demonstrations) to through them out and elect new representatives!

Don’t U think; no political party is having right to loot the people under the pretext; so and so; is also looting is not a valid argument? No one should be under the belief that people can be fooled by blame games (assuming soon they will forget) and the parties can continue to “loot the country” game as usual any longer? In an IT world it is just not possible? Read: Threat to National security and corruption:

U can fool all for some time; some (who blindly believe U) for all the time but not ALL FOR ALL THE TIME?

Now major political parties have realized that they can’t use mobocracy to carry on their “loot the nation” agenda? They have no other choice; than to convince the people about their intentions by addressing the press; out side the parliament and in press meets? Read: Freedom + Democracy; Judiciary; media and people:

Sooner they realize; that they can’t subvert the democratic principles; the better to them? Undermining the roles of constitutional bodies; to carry on their antinational activities; of looting the country and people; is not acceptable any longer? Read Anna-ism is never going to die:

You judge; the mechanism used to “loot the country by listening” to what the major political parties have to say about the others:

This is what the congress said: Group of Ministers addressing Media Aug 24, 2012

This is what BJP said Monday, 27 August 2012: BJP Joint Press Conference by Smt. Sushma Swaraj & Sh. Arun Jaitley on the issue of Coal Scam:

India awake: In a democracy we people are supreme? We should be capable of asking; what we want for our society and parliament is there to protect the constitution and carry on what we people want?

Just get together; talk to 3 and ask them to talk to 3 each – a revolutionary way – of a possible method of putting forward our demand in a democratic way is discussed Please read: Get together in 3s; REVOLUTION. Let ppl decide what thy want? talk2 3 & they 3 each. Act now

U have to remember that “God will help those who are interested in helping them selves” If U are not interested in your welfare (your welfare lies in the welfare of your society) no one else will be?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.

“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished”. Swami Vivekananda

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