MPS can’t question – CAG is to serve the country – sud PM resign?


MPS can’t question – CAG is to serve the country – sud PM resign?

CAG has not crossed the Lakshmanrekha. PM please resign to facilitate a through probe by SIT.

Don’t you think; An indomitable media pointed out the prerogative of CAG and the immense public good done by the tabling of the preceding report by CAG on allocation of  licences for 2G spectrum? Cancellation of  licences  by the Supreme Court  vindicated CAG’s concerns?

Three reports tabled on August 17 do not question any policy and are clearly focussed on the impropriety and irregularities in not implementing the relevant policies.

While quoting the Constitution in the early years, the then Vice President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan said in the Rajya Sabha that the officials of the CAG’s department have to serve the country and not just the government. Several statements by luminaries in the Lok Sabha and rulings by Speaker M Ananthasayanam Ayyangar have settled the issue as to whether honourable members of the House can or cannot question his conduct. They cannot, unless they bring a substantive motion against him.

A simple reading of the relevant para in CAG’s report would make it amply clear that he has considered in detail the entire set of advices given by the Law Ministry? The plea of building consensus is, of course, understandable in a parliamentary democracy, but not at such a huge cost to public interest?

The rampant irregularities committed by the screening committee between the first thought about competitive bidding and the final action, cited in CAG’s report and being exposed daily? –  Amitabh Mukhopadhyay, Sep 1, 2012 Read more at:

Ashok Chawla Committee punctures Manmohan Singh’s claims on coal allocation.

Relatively non-transparent system via the screening committee route’ – an observation echoed in the controversial CAG audit report?

Chawla Committee was not as optimistic, pointing to the fact that just 15 per cent of captive mines allotted till date are operational and even those are producing just 4 per cent of their possible peak coal output. “Only a limited number of blocks are in a position to come into production in the near future,” the panel concluded after scrutinising the status of blocks allotted in recent years.

Chawla panel doesn’t agree. “…There is a list of technical and economic criteria, which the committee is supposed to use to assess projects. However, the criteria are so broad that any decision can be justified,” the report pointed out. Officials who have attended these meetings admit political pressures are high. 3 SEP, 2012

It was decided that 69 out of the 81 recommendations of the Chawla Committee, that had been accepted by the Group of Ministers (GoM) headed by Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee in October last year be accepted and other 12 would be examined further. The Chawla Committee had submitted its report in May 2011 and it was approved by the GoM on October 15, 2011. However, since then the report has been gathering dust in the corridors of power and there has been reluctance on part of the government to put the report in public domain.

Coal-gate – Economic reforms to economic deforms? September 03, 2012 Inexplicably PIPDIC was one of those to whom Naini Coal Block in Orissa was allotted by the Coal Ministry on 25th July 2007. PIPDIC was in turn sub-allotted to J R Power Gen (P) Limited. This is where things get murkier. Promoters of J R Power Gen (P) Limited in turn have already sold 51 per cent of their holdings to KSK Energy Ventures. According to some reliable sources 49 per cent balance too are on offer.

Well doesn’t all this resemble the 2G spectrum scam where real estate companies, which could not have otherwise qualified for spectrum, got spectrum in 2008 that too in 2001 prices and immediately diluted the promoters’ stake for a huge premium?

Coal-gate – a by product of administrative lapse?

Why Anna team wanted “SIT” ? Responsible media (4th pillar) is only hope to save democracy Read

People and Social Media also demands Prime Minister’s resignation?

Song – Oh dear PM

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