Can India be a vibrant democracy?


Can India be a vibrant democracy? (Less than 700 words pl read fully)


Around; 1960; former PM; Indira Gandhi discovered the power of populism and vote bank politics (shift from democracy to mobocracy); rampant corruption at all levels started taking roots which started eroding political class (Politicians from 1947 were hero worshipped even as they transitioned from being freedom fighters to politicians; who ran the country till this time)?


Emergency: Mrs Gandhi strikes out with fury: More revealing, arrests made did not have the sanction of the Emergency provision of the Constitution. Mrs Gandhi’s cabinet did not meet until the morning of June 26 to take this decision. The President signed the proclamation on Mrs Gandhi’s orders during the night of the 25th. Clearly this sequence of events was intended to be a warning to wavering cabinet colleagues as well.


Shift to vote bank politics alienated the middle class from politics giving a free hand to the corrupt to spread it to even villages?


Every one has to; bribe babus for getting his genuine works done? We Indians have become; 2nd rate citizens in our own country (we listen to equals; demand bribe from 2nd rate citizens and shunt around 3rd rate citizens) and babus; 3rd rate citizens?


This created a special VIP class called politicians; and people who can bribe them and public servants (all classes of employees “babus” and politicians); many of them who are willing to be treated as 3rd rate citizens?


This shift and power of corrupt eroded parliamentary democracy to mobocracy (by horse trading and black-mailing by misuse of investigating agencies – a special class of 3rd rate citizens) and facilitated entry of criminal elements into elected bodies?


The need to sustain criminal elements and election funds to sustain mobocracy increased the necessity of; un-accounted funds; to fight elections; resulting in mindboggling loot of natural resources (in addition to rampant corruption) and generation of black economy? Read: White Vs Black Economy.  


For ruling class all public servants including constitutional bodies; fell in 3rd rate citizen category? Read: Mokery of judiciary; Democracy vs Mobocracy; coalgate


That, combined with the lack of transparency in political funding and the blatant nepotism within most parties, has sealed middle class cynicism towards politicians?


Anti-corruption campaigns, led by the septuagenarian activist Anna Hazare, and Baba ramdev’s movements unusually drew large middle class crowds?


Present state of affairs (UPA  2004 – 2012)


Is Sonia following Indira (adviser Pranb and  super PM Sonia)?


A sea change awaits Indian politics till one of the 2; larger parties can win the confidence of all sections of people (a distant possibility for the time being) or a 3rd alternative emerges? Read: Exploring the possibility of forming 3rd front soon?


What are the changes needed to make India a true vibrant democracy?


Issues and solutions: Cleansing politics of corruption and criminal elements; giving equal rights to all; transparent and accountable governance etc. Read: political parties- issues and solutions:


India awake: Understand freedom + democracy


Educating people about their rights to decide what they wanted Read:


Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.


Literally we have to follow what Swami Vivekananda said – “Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished”


Want is wrong with present system? Rampant corruption; loot of natural resorses; mobocracy and lack of transparent governance etc. Read:Survival techniques – democracy vs mobocracy


In a democracy Constitution and people are supreme. Parliament with its limited mandate (election to election) is there to do what people want! If they fail people are having a right (demonstrations) to through them out and elect new representatives!


No political party is having right to loot the people under the pretext; so and so; is also looting is not a valid argument? No one should be under the belief that people can be fooled by blame games (assuming soon they will forget – In an IT world it is just not possible!) and the parties can continue to “loot the country”; game as usual any longer? One full monsoon session of parliament was washed out due to agitations against mind-boggling scams? Read: SC rapped PMO many times? It should own full responsibility! 


Also Read Viewpoint: Why India’s middle class hates politicians – By Baijayant Jay PandaIndian parliamentarian 27 August 2012


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