Nothing happens with out a reason!


Nothing happens with out a reason!


Congratulations Annaji for exposing Aravind to a real challenge to prove his capabilities to stand the might of strong national parties.


Your statement that paths are different and Aim is same is really praise worthy.


God bless both Anna and Aravind with strong will and determination to reach their goal.


Best of a person comes out; under strong challenges? No doubt soon Aravind will be back to you; after getting answers for your challenge through national survey and opinion of people in support of clean political alternative for the nation.


Kindly view: nothing happens with out a reason:


Suvichar: dual functions of IAC. Which side U take? Aravind should make people knowledgeable to decide what they want! (Talk2 3 and them2 3 each soon revolution will start)

You can carry on with anticorruption movement! Dual role of IAC is a necessity to brake; corrupting money power in elections?


Awake India: Multifaceted action by; EC; SC; Anna; Baba Randev;  Aravind; NGOs and people are necessary to make India a vibrant democracy?


Anna-ism is a concept and it will never die?


Ganguly asked the lawyers, activists, law students and farmers who had come from 14 states, to participate in the second freedom struggle “by engaging with the mainstream of social movements in order to ensure that all the constitutional doctrines and judicial principles are protected and carried forward”? Read:


“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda.

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.


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