Game plans of loot and scams – Judicial remedies?


It is modus-operandi used by govt to protect the corrupt and survive in power (mobocracy)?  

  1. Take the permission from the people; who can be influenced by the corrupt to initiate action against the corrupt? They ensure not to give/delay sanction by using the mechanism of sending the files to various departments/ministries? Read Nexus between corrupt:
  2. Keep the request in cold storage in CMO/PMO as the case may be; to use it as arm-twisting/blackmailing tool to get voting support to the govt. (mobocracy)?
  3.  Form a committee; that can protect the corrupt and delay the investigation as long as possible by giving extensions? Or delay infrastructure; like providing office space; staff and financial sanction?
  4. Appoint GoM or EGoM to facilitate sweeping the committee report under the carpet? Or palm off the responsibility to other ministries with vague recommendations to ensure delay/non-implementation of the recommendations?
  5.  Involve investigating agencies (CVC; CBI; DRI; Income tax ..etc.)? Read Is Investigating agencies and govt control
  6. Arrest the people; don’t file FIRs and let the accused free on bail? Read CBI public image points to ponder
  7. Change the team of prosecuting lawyers/don’t oppose the bail plea of the accused to ensure bail to the accused?
  8. Ensure sufficient loopholes are left in the charges/make them sufficiently vague to confuse the judiciary and get the accused benefit of doubt?
  9. When SC gives orders (natural justice) against the accused or raps the govt for lapses; file a review/recall petition (escape the responsibility of executing/implementing the orders) send the orders to cold storage and extend the protection to the accused as long as possible? Read: Black money inaction is betrayal
  10. Develop “Zero loss theories to justify lakhs of crs of  loot and to protect the corrupt (make an effort by spending 100drds of crs on media to promote the theory to confuse public and judiciary)  Read PC-Sibal Zero loss theory!

Two trump cards: a) Include as many as possible; relevant/irrelevant  issues and file (in SC) a Presidential reference to confuse the whole issue? b) As a final effort; divert attention of the public from loot and corruption to economic issues by taxing aam-admi; heavily to make his life miserable? Read: 0.5% more than 99.5%

All in the interest of promoting unabated loot; protecting the corrupt and investing the loot in the form of FDI in retail;l to make amm-admi a bounded laborer? Come back to power using money and criminal power to justify the loot and corruption? View Sad reality of present day govt ghotala karma padtha hai.

Available remedies for those who are persistent and believe in our Judiciary and democracy?

  1. Have patience and persistence to pursue the case till the accused (corrupt) are punished?
  2. Agitate for appropriate bills (like jan lokpal) to punish the corrupt Read:
  3. Resort to agitations to force the government to heed to democratic rights? Read Survival techniques – democracy vs mobocracy – ppl are supreme
  4. Agitate to make judiciary follow known methods to fast-track the judicial process to compress 10 yrs to 7 days? Read: Fast tracking of courts can comp 10 yrs to 7 days. Known methods!
  5. Insist on election reforms to crub money and criminal power in elections? Read Open letter to EC
  1. Ex-SC judge Ganguly called for ‘second freedom struggle to protect constitutional and judicial principles; by engaging with the mainstream of social movements in order to ensure that all the constitutional doctrines and judicial principles are protected and carried forward.
  1. Try to find political alternative by encouraging clean people to contest elections Read: Suvichar: dual functions of ACT (Against Corruption Together) Read: Suvichar; which side U take?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe

Awake India: “Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda

Thing to do to make India a vibrant democracy:


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