Evolving AAP organizational structure


VINOD KUMAR BINNY sud play a key role with his unique experience; may be as vice-Prez of AAP or an equivalent post with responsibilities of “24×7 coordination” of all AAP limbs. Binny is uniquely experienced to play such a role! Post of a minister is too small for Binny’s abilities and hope he will understand this & work to strengthen AAP to expand its activities to national level

AAP’s unique experiment with SWARAJ (bottom up management with “many cross links” unlike conventional management structure) is a challenging task with many surprises & experiences to be accumulated to make it a successful productive management structure & needs a person with required experience in both the structures!

In the scheme of things of AAP Binny is an unique person with experience of both top-to-bottom & bottom-to-top management structures with many cross links? As such his experience sud be utilized in SWARAJ experiment by keeping him out of conventional management structure (a minister with limited responsibilities and structured reporting is not what is expected from him)?

He sud hold a position; created; which will be more flexible & interactive (like SUB-BRAIN in a human body) with PM; all MLAs & reps of mohalla-sabhas!


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