We sud stop “we don’t care attitude of CBSE schools!

Kind attention: Respected HRD Minister (S/s Prakash Javadekar), CBSE Chairman (S/s Rakesh Kumar Chaturvedi), Collectors, Media & all those who are interested in making Education meaningful and educational institutes accountable.

Sub: Urgent need of your kind attention and immediate necessary action to stop we don’t care attitude of many CBSE schools. Schools with this attitude are the cause of students with same attitude.

Many CBSE schools are turning nelson’s eye to the directive of teaching only NCERT textbooks from std 1st onwards.

Sad state of affair: They are going ahead with the usual practice of forcing parents to buy Unscientifically designed expensive private publishers text books which are making child’s brain as a dump of information and not as a bank of knowledge that can be put to use for problem solving – regarding.


  1. Ref:  Only NCERT books at all CBSE schools.  details  at: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/delhi/only-ncert-books-at-all-cbse-schools/articleshow/57174456.cms
  2. CBSE asks schools to follow NCERT books  details at:
  3. An example of knowledge dump text books & exercise books that parents are forced to buy eg. 3rd std students books: In total they weigh 12 kgs  (bag+books+water bottle ext & student has to carry them to class in a mule’s back-pack!). An example of knowledge dump text books & exercise books that parents are forced to buy for a 3rd std students
  4. Tot Text Books   18

    Ex Books               4

    Draing+ craft  3

    Maths 3 Bks Hindi 3 Bks EVS 2 Bks ENGLISH 5 Bks
    Expected Number ofPages covered  in1 Year 1500 ORIYA 2 Bks ITeh 1 Bk Drawing + craft 3 Bks.
  5.  Most important  CBSE receives request for 5 million only, shows the magnitude of we  don’t care attitude of many CBSE schools: details at: http://www.india.com/education/ncert-books-for-cbse-schools-cbse-receives-request-for-5-million-1903476/

Don’t you think we all agree that schools  who don’t  respect directives issued in the interest of students can only produce majority of students who follow, will have no respect to rules & regulations and eventually become self-centered citizens?

You can stop this by making schools respect rules and regulations and follow directives….. Schools should be made responsible to inform parents about the directives they receive from board/Govt.

We all agree that education is having a purpose and NCERT text books aim at some of them and private publishers aim at none.

  1. Help one to keep learning.
  2. One who is seeking it – to earn a decent lively hood or make his living pleasant
  3. Help one to find a satisfying job – or get job satisfaction.
  4. Teach the student – right values of life.
  5. Teach -True meaning of Freedom
  6. Make child education easy – purposeful – meaningful – enjoyable.
  7. Make parents realize their duties in training children to lead a peaceful and purposeful life.
  8. Make a citizen realize his duties and help the nation in maintaining its assets.
  9. Teach that happiness increases by sharing it – keeping others happy.
  10. Guide one with scientific methods of handling day to day works and keep oneself happy.
  11. Help one with ability to handle difficult periods of his life.

Note: Private publishers can also produce NCERT text books on quality paper to meet the need of those who want can afford books on quality paper.

A waiting your immediate attention and necessary action in the interest of posterity (young students and The Nation).


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