FDI and 5 years term for MPs

FDI in retail & inflation – 5 years term to MPs not to government? (less than 1050 words)

India awake: Hello political parties; people have not voted you to be dumb spectators and leave the country to the mercy of corrupt; bankrupt; timid political parties that allow; rule by mobocracy?

You should think of country than your vote banks? Be bold and prove that you can give a 3rd option to the nation by working with any major national party? Democracy demands a quick change of governance?

What you can do:

All we need is MPs/parties with imagination that can differentiate between the ideologies and the interest of the nation? Such a group; can ensure accountable govt and transparent governance?

Greatness is never a given. It must be earned. – Obama.

Governance of the country can’t be left in the hands of people who can’t manage national resources (wants ministers and private sector to loot nation; to bribe the parties to win elections); depend on heavy taxation of essential items like petroleum products and want FDI in retail to contain finical deficit; by playing into the hands of FDI in retail and India Inc?

An immediate change is needed and it is in the hands of MPs who are logical and practical?

In present scenario a 3rd front with a strength as low as 120 is enough?

People have given a maximum term of 5 years to MPs not to government?  Govt can be changed; if need arises (as in present situation) by voting? Possibility of forming a 3rd front should be explored immediately by all those who are interested in welfare of people and democracy (not mobocracy)? Read: Understanding freedom + democracy: https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/awake-understand-freedom-democracy-message-to-all/

The need of the hour is a 3rd front which cans trudge middle path; flexible thinking; understand the needs of the people and support one of the major parties if need arises in the interest of good governance? Their support should change the government at center quickly as per needs?

Major parties should give their common minimum programs; and 3rd front should choose between them? Suggest necessary changes to give their support? Read: Explore the possibility of 3rd front? https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/exploring-the-possibility-of-forming-3rd-front-soon/

“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished”- Swami Vivekananda

From last 2 years there is no governance due to policy paralysis and still the country is running?

What instability the parties are afraid of? Democracy demands a quick change of governance (Govt in the hands of MPs who are for the welfare of people) by voting?

We can relay on our MPs and their logical thinking and interest of the country at their hearts to form such a 3rd front?

Such a 3rd front only can influence and ensure responsible governance? Major party in government and its allies should stop playing number games (mobocracy) to retain power, when unilateral decision of cong, in increasing price of diesel, cooking gas and FDI is going to ruin many and help a few?

Arrogance of congress to treat all allies and opposition as duffers should not be tolerated by any who are sensible?

Leaders of allies; their MPs; should neither accept the argument of congress; that they are not capable of logical thinking or 3rd rate citizens; nor succumb to fear of blackmailing by CBI cases?

The faith of the people who voted them should not be betrayed and their welfare should be of paramount importance?

FDI IN RETAIL HELPS NONE: There is no evidence; any where in the world; of FDI retailers buying from small farmers? It only makes rich farmers richer, small farmers poorer?

Only short sighted can defend loss of 80% of employment in retail business to justifies generation of a small percentage of Jobs in FDI retail? it will translate to 80% in small trader sector, i.e 3-4 cr jobs; lost in India against 10 to 20 lakhs jobs created by FDI retail and can’t be accepted? In addition all small formers will be badly affected?

This kind of economic growth increases the numbers below poverty line & rich formers richer?

Britain, in some ways, provides a model for what may happen, with several small retailers going under (resulting in loss of 80% of employment in this sector)? What is happening to a lot of corner shops in Britain could happen to a lot of kirana shops in India? Despite the many gains from opening up retail, if the experience in Britain is anything to go by, a lot of people in retail will face very difficult days ahead?http://ibnlive.in.com/news/how-fdi-in-retail-affects-britains-small-traders/207298-2.html

Food supply Concentration in and retail chains. The current evidence – what do we know so far as experienced by other countries?

Much attention has rightly been drawn to the distortions caused by certain types of government policies? However, relatively little attention has been paid to the market distortions caused by the high level of concentration in the input and distribution side of the agri-food system? Yet it is clear that the domination of a few large firms both upstream and downstream of the farming sector can significantly affect market conditions?

There is a risk of a shrinking share of overall value for actors further up the supply chain – i.e. primary producers and agricultural workers? Reduces their potential returns, evidence suggests that this process also tends to push risk back up the supply chain to the most vulnerable rural sectors?

Evidence that large buyers can extract more favourable terms from suppliers – through bulk buying economies, playing off suppliers against each other, or threats of de-listing – is not hard to find? Read http://dfid-agriculture-consultation.nri.org/summaries/wp13.pdf

Processed food has increased obesity & related health problems in America due to changed food habits? India needs better post harvesting facilities; fresh vegetables & fruits; availability; in the market?

Cong mismanaged the economy badly by rampant corruption; loot scams and inability to economically manage natural resources for national benefit? Its dependence on FDI retail is ridiculous? First heavy taxation (around 50%) in the name of funds for inclusive growth (80% never used for the purpose they are meant for) now increase of diesel and gas price in the name of reducing the loss to highly profitable Oil companies? FDI in retail; risking loss of 80% of employment in present retail under the pretext of containing fiscal deficit; are we not reminded of; Aesop’s Fables for Children “The Tiger and the Crane”? Read: http://www.storyit.com/Classics/Stories/tigercrane.htm

A replay of British trader’s game by Sonia & Co; through FDI retail?

Through FDI in retail; they want to control on all basic needs of Indians, by exercising control on production; distribution and retail chains; which gives them monopoly in controlling economy and virtually reducing every one to the status of bound labor and continue their loot?  Read:  https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/is-east-india-company-in-remaking/

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.


Exploring the possibility of forming 3rd front soon?

Exploring the possibility of forming 3rd front soon?

India awake:  IS LEFT WITH NO OTHER ALTERNATIVE than to EXPERIMENT WITH UNIFIED 3RD FRONT at national level (Less than 900 words pl read fully)?

There is One feasible way of forming 3rd front soon (talk to 3 to begin with)?

“Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda.

Democracy + freedom are the essence of the process Read: India awake; understand freedom + democracy; message to all https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/awake-understand-freedom-democracy-message-to-all/

Don’t you think; 3rd FRONT SHOULD NOTICE; that UPA and NDA are also coalitions and surviving on the FEAR OF coalition’s PARTNER-PARTIES’ leaders; that they can’t survive without the support of big brother’s (CONG or BJP) financial support/support to delay investigations/prosecutions against them/its members? Running away from the problem is not the solution; we should be bold enough to face them? People forgive and forget the misdeeds of such brave people? In present setup none of coalition partners are safe?

FEAR IS the bottleneck? After Indira Gandhi one woman could manipulate the politics of congress till date (super PM with one advisor)?

IT IS UNIMAGINABLE to think that our political class LACKS PEOPLE WITH LEADERSHIP QUALITIES TO LEAD 3RD FRONT; to counter such manipulations which are not in the interest of the country and serve only a group of people/family.

By now it is clear; to all; that Cong is surviving on its strength to arm-twist its coalition partners and others; taking the help of investigating agencies or financial sops and wants to; somehow survive till 2014 elections?  Read: The biggest threat to national security is corruption and the blame game our politicians are playing https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/isnt-biggest-threat-to-national-security-corruption-blame-games/

It is neither in the INTEREST OF THE NATION nor COALITION PARTERS to give; crucial time; till 2014; to big brothers to experiment and find ways to survive by MOBOCRACY and MAUNPULATE POLITICS IN THEIR FAVOR?

In the event cong gets hold of power it will go ahead with its plans of East India company; game plan; to establish its dynastic rule on India and destroy all opposition? A very sad day for all Indians and the sacrifices of freedom fighters; who; got us Independence? Read: is East India Company in remaking? https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/07/27/is-east-india-company-in-remaking/ and Robert Vadra .. And The Tip Of The Iceberg 04 April, 2012 http://dharmanext.blogspot.in/2012/04/robert-vadra-and-tip-of-iceberg.html  (another Jagan or Gali of Andhra cong?).

Big brother’s only aim is to exploit the fear and bribe the people who help them to gain power and destroy them at the earliest? History is full of SUCH BIG BROTHERS; who NEVER HESITATED TO DESTROY the people who helped them; gain power?

It will be very difficult for both major parties; cong & BJP to resolve their internal conflicts as more than 30% of their candidates are not having clean records?


One feasible way of forming 3rd front before 2014 is to develop broader perspective of; coexistence; live and let live attitude than fight for supremacy? We have to OVERCOME THE ATITUDE that survival is possible; only; by looting TO SUPPORT ELECTION EXPENDITURE?

3RD front should have only 2 point agenda(till 2014); National interest and Electoral reforms to cleanse politics of money power? It is possible?

Working details: Nothing is possible with out efforts and overcoming difficulties?

We can assume around 300 Mps (from all parties); are interested in welfare and future of nation than just filling their coffers?

Action plan:

All MPs who are interested in clean politics and welfare of the nation (irrespective of their party affiliations) should GET TOGETHER AND TALK TO ONE ANOTHER  in small groups of 3 with an aim of forming a group of 10 and choose one representatives.

  1. Thus at first level we have 30 representatives.

These 30 representatives will form 3 groups and select 3 representatives.

  1. Thus second level has 3 representatives.

These three will choose one; with good integrity and administrative capabilities to be come PM and other two can be deputy PMs!

2nd level 30 can be Ministers.

They as a group of 300 can bring electoral & other; reforms; lokpal and other bills to cleanse political system to enable India to have a proper; parliament and transparent governance; to make India as one of super powers.

Note: selection should follow democratic principles Read: get together; you can bring REVOLUTION.  Let people decide what they want? https://sofjustice.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/how-social-media-twitter-works/

Important: Time is the essence? Act straight away. Share with 3 of your friends. Talk to them and encourage; each of them to share with 3. Soon the revolution you wanted will start and 3rd front; with in your reach?

Can’t people of India expect this exercise from their; respected; elected representatives; in the interest of the country?

Ours is a dynamic democracy and we will have such leaders at all 3 levels? THEY CAN lead their groups of 10?


First step to success is to start straight away and TALK TO  3 of your friends?

We should have faith in people working/going to work with?

SWAMI VIVEKANANDA’S saying should guide you through your efforts?

Accountability at all levels will make a nation prosperous and safe.