Real abilities of person will come out under extreme challenge?


Don’t you think; Aravind has to come out successfully of this acid test?

Nothing happens without a reason and some one has to take a bold step to create an atmosphere to enable clean candidates to contest elections?

We should appreciate Anna for throwing this challenge? View:

Both Anna; Aravind and Baba Ramdev need; support of people and blessings of all intellectuals? All the activities (different in nature; yet all of them are necessary for a dynamic democracy) are the need of the hour?

We need committed politicians to implement SC orders?

We have already seen how the implementation of the orders are delayed making a mockery judicial system?

Nothing happened to the direction to form SIT to investigate money laundering? Read Black money inaction is betrayal: Read:

Nothing happened to the direction to distribute food grain before rotting to poor?

Auctioning 2G spectrum; if it has taken place by now; MMS might not have had a chance to justify hike in petroleum products cost; under the pretext of containing deficit fiancé?

Majority parties shed their crocodile tears; and participated in Bharat bandh to protest against deteriorating economic situation of many Indians; yet some of them supporting UPA to continue with those anti-people decisions?

What happened to women’s’ reservation bill; they have not passed it even when they had majority under the pretext of consensus?

Lokpal bill was not intentionally not passed; with a flimsy excuse of not having time to pass it during the extended sessions? We should not forget the fact this has happened even after; both houses unanimously expressed their consensus?

What is happening to the implementation of 73rd and 74th amendments? Implementation of them could have brought a big change? Read Expected achievements by implementing 73rd & 74th amendments Panchayati Raj Institutions; can compete with metros!

The country needs both clean politicians (elected once in five years) and civilian pressure groups (mass civilian movements; may take place at any time) to force politicians to Implement the commitments made by them and fight corruption at any level? Read Suvichar: dual functions of IAC. Which side U take?

Both Anna and Aravind need; support of people and blessings of all intellectuals; as both the activities (different in nature; yet both of them are necessary for a dynamic democracy) are the need of the hour?

Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe?

India awake: “Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished” – Swami Vivekananda. 
Changes needed to make India a vibrant democracy. Read:


Dual role of IAC is a necessity and desirable


Dual role of IAC is a necessity and desirable


Don’t you think; we need two legs to walk? So does parliament (body elected by ppl) need two limbs? We need a government; to govern the country & opposition groups to ensure its proper functioning? Opposition is supposed to be the 2nd leg. When any or both legs become weak or defective (present situation) we need external intervention of doctors to restore health? NGOs and civil societies as pressure groups play the role of doctors? When situation is desperate we accept amputation of limbs and replace them with substitutes?


Dual role of IAC is a necessity and desirable?


The situation is so desperate; people are opting for amputation (SMS survey conducted by Zee news confirms this – over 90% support the proposition – A plan suggested for acceptance- by team Anna) and suitable alternative?


The people who are opposing Anna’s proposition are missing the following aspects?


Anna is not in favor of fighting elections himself?


He wants to help cleanse the politics by helping those who want to form a suitable alternative government by helping the voters in identifying clean candidates?


He has not proposed; neither; disbanding of IAC nor converting it to a political party or discontinuing the role as a pressure group to achieve the final goal of corruption free and transparent governance?


He wanted to visit different states and awaken the people about the need of choosing and voting for clean politicians?  He wants people to realize their supreme role in a democracy? It is a clear indication of stronger role he wants to assign to IAC as a pressure group?


Desperate situations need desperate solutions? We are on the brink of bound labor situation; like one existed during British Rule? Cong treats many as subhuman beings and brands then as antinational or spies and Justice Katju calls 90% Indians fools? Read:   


Anna’s proposition will re-polarize the honest and join clean politician band- wagon?


In the event of strong lokpal bill; getting passed he may not proceed with his present plans? 


In present day; coalition politics; the dual role of IAC is highly desirable and all the people who want to see India as a prosperous democracy and shed its “mobocracy politics” should support the idea of dual role for IAC as proposed by Anna?


In case some members of IAC are acceptable to the voters as candidates and they should be given the option to disassociate themselves and contest elections ?The country needs dedicated politicians and we should allow them to do so to help; IAC from with in the Government?


Need of IAC as pressure group will be always there to prevent present day situation arising again; as human beings are susceptible to corruption?


We can hope that those who are opposing present move of Anna help him in his efforts to cleanse our political system and the nation wants  clean candidates?


4 Aug 2012  News Anger, scepticism within IAC over political leap


Accountability at all levels makes a nation prosperous and safe.


Awake India: “Don’t look back—forward, infinite energy, infinite enthusiasm, infinite daring, and infinite patience—then alone can great deeds be accomplished”. Swami Vivekananda