food securitycurruption is deadly
Don’t you think food security bill hyped as biggest welfare scheme is illogical/cheating people (420) for the following reasons?
Don’t you think it is illogical or cheating; make people believe that one time waver of farm loans and sustaining food security bill for ever are similar and they are welfare activities? – Debates on TV’s!

The debates give us a feeling that; they are meant to fool the people to generate vote banks or people have lost ability to understand the difference between bad money which has gone down the drain and money to be earned to spend it?

Farm loan waiver is a one time activity; bad debts accumulated over a period; and acknowledged by banks as not recoverable? It is; mustering courage to forget bad money (memories)?

No funds were needed to implement this scheme as funds are already consumed by borrowers; existed in books of lenders as non-performing assets?

No cash was needed to implement; farm loan waivers; as they are only book adjustments and at the best affected balance sheets of banks? It was one time activity to accept bad money; boldness/accept as bad loans or inability to recover them and write them off? Yet lot of corruption took place as many; who are not eligible and capable of bribing were the beneficiaries?

Food security bill hyped as biggest welfare scheme is illogical/cheating people (420); a few reasons and you can contribute a few more reasons?

1, a. Government has to find real cash year after year to dole out subsidies to support 67% of population on sustainable basis.

Everyone with basic economic knowledge of state economics; know; funds cannot be generate on sustainable basis to support 67% of population?

Possible options available to generate funds: Like diesel and petrol subsidies; (a joke) of taxing the products heavily and transferring the taxes as subsidies to consumers; shifting money of consumers’ right pocket to left pocket in the guise of subsidies?

Don’t you think this process of collecting taxing and transferring them back in another form of subsidies is an inefficient way? taxing the product low; to mach the end subsidized cost will be more effective; scope for less corruption etc. and may be a sensible way to keep prices low and worth considering?

b. earn money from natural resources to spend – not available as they are not sufficient for greedy to loot ( through scams).

c. foreign debt can’t be a solution as it leads to debt trap.
d. tax 33% heavily; to generate funds to sustain subsidy bill – not possible as present rate of taxes and fiscal policies has driven the country into the clutches of black economy.

The only alternative left is to tax majority of the beneficiaries of food security bill heavily in one form or other; make them paupers; build vote banks; to accept; food subsidy doles with gratitude – 420 and deception to lure the people to believe that they live in a welfare state; when it is not.

2. Food security bill and lack of infrastructure only leads to more corruption and loot as our experience of over 50 years of cong rule shows; help rich become richer and poor poorer and looters more bold?

Don’t you think; the bill makes one wonder; how India survived so long with such poor economists who don’t know the difference between bad money and real income generation?
vote bank politics is encouraging looters and driving Indian economy to shambles?
Sonia EICo – Scam in brewing?

Sonia Gandhi: Annexation through Technicalities- Arun Shourie
it sheds light on how Sonia Gandhi has lied, broken laws and looted the country? – Moderator

Don’t you think all people can be fooled for some time; and some for all the time and not all for all the time?

It is a wakeup-call to all nation loving MPs belonging to all parties? For once they should come together; think logically; and help Indians to be proud of them!

Accountability at all levels makes a nation safe and prosperous.